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The best planner/organizer?

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I've been looking on Allnurses recently to see what you guys think is a good planner for school. I've read a lot about the uncalendar and the erin condren life planner and am trying to decide between the two. I still have some questions, however. I see the uncalendar comes in two sizes: full and half size. Which would you prefer? And if you have one what do you like/dislike? The erin condren planners have gotten good reviews as well and they are really cute :D but they are pricey. I've also read on their facebook page that apparently their customer service is TERRIBLE and the shipping is awful too. Up to a month or more for a planner. Not sure if its worth the trouble. I would love some opinions :) thanks so much!

I really love the New Internationalist Plan B Diary. I bought mine off Amazon, though I did google it first for more photos of the inside, since Amazon only has a cover photo. I really love the art in it and find it has plenty of space for my daily notes, but you might need more space. It's only $15 on amazon, so there's that too. ;)


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Thank you for the recommendation, I will definitely check it out! :)

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Good day, LPN504:

I use Google Calendar so I only have to enter the data once, then I have it on my desktop, ipad, android-phone. Professors often provide PDF's in Word or PDF format, so I will often copy and paste the data in saving time on the data entry. I make heavy use of repeating entries, and that saves time as well. I've tried various paper-based calendars over the years... then I run into forgetting them, not able to take them every where I go (due to size, bulk, weight issues), and the pain of keeping them up to date especially when there are repeating events.

Thank you.


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I use google calendar as well that syncs to multiple places. I then carry my course schedule in paper form in case I need to add any notes.


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Yep, google calendar & tasks which I sync up with Calendar Mob and Gtasks on my phone and iPad. Even before nursing school my life was way too busy with two kids to use paper. The repeating function and the search function are must haves for me. Plus google allows me to color code everything so I can see without reading who has stuff that day and if my stuff is school or personal. At the beginning of the term I input all exams and assignments that are on the syllabi and then I can see what is going on for the next 16 weeks. Prevents me from simultaneously studying for a midterm while writing huge papers and scheduling doctor's appointments all week.

You asked about uncalendar. They're fantastic. I used the large version my first year of nursing school and the smaller one my second year. Here are my thoughts:

Large uncalendar:

Pros: Great if you take a lot of notes and jot a lot of things down. Plenty space if you need to write out multiple things scheduled a single day, e.g. 8-10 Lecture, 12-1 Study lunch, 3-11 Work etc. Room to write down all your readings and assignments and check them off as you're doing them.

Cons: Harder to carry around. It's a little larger than a notebook. A lot of wasted space if you don't write much or don't keep your whole life on it.

Smaller uncalendar:

Pros: Easy to carry. All the same features as the larger version, just shrunken down. Good if you're more of a minimalist or need this just for school stuff and have another place you write down other stuff.

Cons: You can't really keep your whole life on here. Not enough room to keep track of everything under the sun. I didn't keep track of reading assignments on this one, just tests and due dates.

Nursing school is hard and hectic, there are a lot of things to keep track of, and the uncalendar really helped me to be organized. I'd recommend it unless you'd rather use an electronic planner. They're great if you're more of the pen-and-paper or creative type of person. They're fun to use.


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Thank you for all of your suggestions! I've never used an electronic planner before but I wouldn't mind looking into it. I'm not super tech savvy but I can always learn :) and thank you nightbloom, for telling me about the uncalendar. After reading your reply, if I were to get an uncalendar I believe I would go for the half size. I don't want anything larger than a notebook. Too much space for me :)

this past year I found one at Target that was PERFECT for my school (I keep 2 planners....one devoted to school assignments so I can look at a glance and see what is due and when.)

it was made by Blue Sky and it had monthly calendar pages and then the weekly pages were set up more in a list form...like a whole column per day. I choose a different color of Washi tape at the begining of the semester for each class and write my assignments on them and stick them to the due date. I can quickly glance and see I have assignments due for A&P and Algebra...or whatever). and it's the perfect system for me Unfortunately I cant find that planner any more

for my personal scheduling planner....I use the project life weekly planner...the pages have big boxes for writing in and you can easily add photo pages and quotes and momentos and junk....I like being able to personalize it. Being mom/wife/business owner/student I have to be able to see everyone's schedule in one place or I'll lose my mind lol

Plenty of opinions, so here is mine...

Check out the Moleskine line. Very good quality.

Plannerisms.com is a blog devoted to planners.

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Another Uncalendar user, here! I prefer the full size. I put everything school-related, and ONLY things school-related in it. Everything else goes into Google calendar synced with my phone and tablet. I personally love having something that shows me assignments and scheduling at a glance without the clutter of the rest of my life. This coming semester, I may add other scheduling to the monthly calendar (which I haven't used) and use the weekly portion just for school.

I love the flexibility of the Uncalendar, and have changed the way I organize it based on my needs at any given time.


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Thank you all for even more suggestions! I will definitely look into all of your recommendations! :)

I swear by the Lily Pulitzer Agendas... I have both the large and small ones, but I'm only seeing the large ones on their site now. Either way, it's simple and for people with big handwriting the lines are perfect on each day, and squares on the month dividers are a good size too! I've tried using my phone and computer (using outlook and google calendars) to organize but it doesn't stick in my head like writing it down does!


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I looked at the Lily Pulitzer ones like you suggested :) just looking at their bright colors gave me a headache :lol2: I might have to pass on those!