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So, I passed.

Didn't study like for the nclex. Used Lippincott, the ENA 150 question test and Mark Boswell's review book.

Less than 1,000 prep questions altogether. Got the same score on the real test as I got on the ENA one.

Got lost on the way to the test, said to hell with gps, got out a map and quickly found my way to the test center. Pulse 84 in car before test, 64 in waiting room before test, stayed that way until I finished the test. Then jumped to and stayed about 150 until I got the results.

Glad that's done. Next is ENPC. Which is just a class, so no biggie.

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Congrats!! :yeah:

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Hope you're giving yourself credit for a huge acheivement! For those who don't know, the CEN exam material covers any emergency which could occur anywhere in the world. OB/GYN, med/Surg, Psych, Peds, Geriatrics, environmental, terrorism, trauma, mass casualty, Etc ad nauseum. Or as I describe it, the trivial pursuit of nursing. Welcome to the elite.

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Congratulations!! Great job!!

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Emt2bRN: Thanks for the shout out!!! I am glad to be of assistance in your endeavours. Were you one of our students in my CEN class? If you'll send me your postal mailing address I'll send you two CEN sticker/badges that you can use for your hospital ID badge!!! I'd also love to hear any pointers you might have gleaned that I can use to help future students. Thanks again and CONGRATULATIONS!!! - MB

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Congrats!!! It's a great feeling! :) If you're still motivated, you might also consider the CPEN, especially after you take ENPC.

Congratulations! It's a great feeling, isn't it?:yeah:

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Or go all out and get your CCRN! I think that is what I plan to get next.

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Congratulations! It's a great feeling, isn't it?:yeah:

Yeah. I thought I failed. Tough test. The 1st question was "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?"

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OH I hope that is a joke about the sparrow's airspeed! I take the test tomorrow ugh! I may need to pick up a book on avian aeronautics!

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