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  1. TraciRN


    Hello ER Peeps, I am looking for pearls or stories about giving Bamlanivimab the new monochromal therapy for covid 19. Please share your experiences. Thanks TraciRN
  2. I would love to help you Sue, but I think I heard my patient's call Bell.
  3. TraciRN

    Scope of practice in the ER

    I felt the same way, so I took NRP and PALS, then started studying for the CPEN and passed then took ENPC. all of these are pediatric certs. it made me feel less insecure, however I still get nervous with the truly sick Kiddos. I think its normal. Hope this helps/ Traci PS I would start with ENPC if I had to do it over its a whole kid course
  4. TraciRN

    ED night staffing

    Yes, thats what I thought too. It opened in March of 09. Diagnostic only, they see about 10 cases a week.
  5. TraciRN

    ED night staffing

    Update just heard from the ER director. We will keep 2 nurses at night, days will have 1 nurse and 1 tech at least for now.
  6. TraciRN

    ED night staffing

    Thank you Altra, I wrote a letter to the DON Wednesday and have not heard a thing. I just need a little feed back from other ED nurses. I keep hearing "we use to have one nurse back in the day" from other hospital employees. I am not comfortable with the proposed staffing change.
  7. TraciRN

    ED night staffing

    I work at a critical access hospital. We average about 15-25 patients a day some clinic type and some critical. We currently staff 1 RN and 1 LVN at night and have a tech off and on. Admin wants a 10% cut accross the board of all departments. There is talk of cutting the LVN to a 11am to 11pm shift. Our Docs work 24hr shifts and are sometimes hard to find at night, we do not have a RT department, some nights I am the only RN in the building, EMS has been encouraged to bring all pts to our facility no matter the accuity by our Cath lab director (Cath lab is scheduled diagnostic only, non-emergent). we have no security or even locking doors. I am seriously considering looking for a new job. Am I over reacting? Thanks Traci
  8. TraciRN

    I got a Scholarship from EC!

    That is great! Hope everyone got icecream.
  9. TraciRN

    Plano update...I am done with this CPNE thing....

    Great!!!! congrats!!! don't you feeel the relief.
  10. TraciRN

    Best ER Nurse quotes

    About the mom who brings in her 5 year old with cp of fever who didn't check temp. at home and didn't give an antipyretic ie... tylenol. "I just brought him here". My ER director will say "well, we aint tried nothing and were all out of ideas"
  11. TraciRN

    CEN study advise

    Thanks for all the great advice and encouragement. I will be studying for the CEN and plan to take it in April (maybe, I do better with dead lines). Traci
  12. TraciRN

    someone pls tell me what to do

    I did the Chancelors workshop, limited to 6 people for 5 days, only thing is it is only in Racine Wisconsin. I would do it again however. Good luck to you. Traci
  13. TraciRN

    I Graduate as of 9/19!

    :grad::grad::grad::grad::grad: ConGRATS! Looks like we graduate together. We will have to have a post grad party online:typing. I take the NCLEX on 9/16 Do you have a date yet. I was just thinking how weird it felt not to have to check online for updates on my status. I guess I will be checking after the 16th for NCLEX results! TraciLVN/GN
  14. TraciRN

    Talk me down from the ledge!

    Sue you know your biggest challenge is getting over your nerves, i love the Cowbell Idea wish i would have known about it when i was in the hot seat. You Know what to expect you are in a much better postion than last time. Great luck to you. Traci
  15. TraciRN

    I haven't forgotten you guys

    GO SUE! You can You WILL!!:nuke:
  16. TraciRN

    Got my ATT letter today!! :)

    HOORAY!! One last test:yeah: You will do great!!