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For your fellowship, kind words, and support.

Tomorrow will be my last day in the NICU (unless they cancel me...which would be great). I will miss it greatly, but it's time to move on. I have developed some lifelong friendships through that job, and will always cherish them. Will keep my brainsheet in case others want/need it in the future.

Good luck to you all in the future, and snuggle a gerbil for me occasionally.

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What is your next adventure?

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Best wishes to you in the next thing you do. Just know that you've touched a lot of lives and it has not been in vain. Glad you are doing what's best for you.

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The little bebes will miss you!!! Take care and I hope your new adventure works out!!!


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Take care. Don't forget to pray.


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Good luck with your new job, Bortaz! I enjoyed reading your posts. Thank YOU for sharing your NICU knowledge.

By the way, I read your other post too. I have also worked in a toxic unit and had to leave even though I had been happy there for a few years before that. This was not a NICU... it was another hospital unit with 3-4 toxic people and 20+ nice ones. I just respect myself too much to stay in a situation like that. There are certain hospitals and certain units that are like that. Good for you for getting out of a situation you know is not good for you.

Best of luck with the new job ... and you never know, you may work in a NICU again! ;)

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Thanks, Mom!

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So, how was your last night?

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My archenemy tried poking me a few times, but I smiled my way through the shift, fully believing that karma will eventually biatch slap her across her fugly face. Smiling to the end.

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Started the new job today. Everyone was very pleasant, laid back and friendly. They assured me they never have any conflict, and everything is smooth sailing every day. There are 6 women (including the boss), and I made it 7 males. Praise da lawd...

jumping into a field about which I know nothing was a bit taxing on my nerves, but the boss assured me she didn't expect me to start knowing anything for another 2-3 months.

The new hospital has a Starbucks right down the elevator from our office, and a full service Subway Sandwich shop in the cafe. Say what? Where has that been all my life?

pretty excited, and so glad that I've found the little I've learned to be logical and make sense...back there tomorrow!


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Glad things are going well for you!!


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Congrats on the pleasent first day! What field did you move too?

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