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Greetings from a Patient. I was surfing around trying to find information on a medical problem I've been battling and found this forum. Very informative and entertaining reading! From one who has been on the receiving side of the surgical table far too many times, I must tell you all how much you are appreciated. My own body grosses me out when I'm sick and I can't imagine dealing with a perfect stranger's. EEEEEK! I can't commend you enough for your career choice.

Just remember that even when we're sick and forget to tell you at the time, you nurses are what really make the difference during a hospital stay. And I'm not talking about being all sweetness and light and letting us patients get away with murder. I appreciate a good kick in the butt when I'm feeling sorry for myself and I've been fortunate to come across some nurses who gave me a badly needed reality check. The little things go a long way too. When I was completely helpless for days following major spinal surgery, I LIVED for being turned in the bed. Never thought I'd ever feel bad enough that I would allow anyone to sponge bathe me, but there it was. I'll never forget that angel as long as I live.

When my father was dying of cancer, his docs abandoned him. He was terminal therefore he no longer existed. Didn't even get morphine until 2 days before he died. It was a wonderful, caring nurse who helped us get him the pain relief he needed. She was very frank about what was happening, which was what our family needed to hear. Why is it that docs never want to discuss death? Because they see it as a personal failure? I don't get it. Anyway, good nurses are worth their weight in gold and I wanted to thank you all for doing what you do.

thanks,patient! just remember that most of us love our jobs even though there might be "a little *****in" on some of these threads! it really is nice to hear from patients that appreciate what we do.


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I'm not a nurse (YET! :D ) But I wanted to say thanks anyway. You can't imagine the amount of flak I get about going into Nursing. Thanks again! :)


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The thanks is greatly and sorely needed by more.....I just wish more families/patients would do it. Thank you so much for appreciating your nurses! :)


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Now gosh darn it, you got to quit saying such nice things about nurses! You made me cry! I cant believe how few people say thank you these days. Thanks for posting your comments. As for the people who are really nasty its now a felony in Nevada to hit a nurse.

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Your the reason we stay in nursing!

I work with alot of residents with dementia and they are not always able to tell you what they need, but sometimes you can see it in their eyes. I's nice to hear it once in a while :D


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thanks and welcome to the site. glad to hear an appreciative voice out there. it means more than you know.

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Thank you "PATIENT" for sharing your love and thoughtfulness with us. We appreciate hearing comments such as yours. Patients who think as you do are the reasons we stay in nursing. Without those kind of patients, we would probably all give up the desire to be nurses. Here's some balloons for ya! :balloons: :kiss


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Dearest Patient,

I know why I became a nurse. I know why I stay a nurse. But your lovely words remind me of why I love and adore being a nurse.

Bless you, and please continue to share the joy- it means so much, and it really does make our day.


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My condolences about your father. Doctors aren't trained very well in death, it's very frustrating I know.


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to patient : a simple thank you is all many nurses want to hear and makes them go back for more when we feel we make a difference in someones life it can make our day


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Dear patient:

I hope you are recovering and on your way to being healthy.

I too appreciate your post.

We in nursing do it because we really do care. Not all clients appreciate a kick start or a reality check. At least not until after they have been discharged.

I worked in home nursing for years and that is when I heard thank god so&so made me----- or that a kind nurse gave them a reality check and they flipped and are sorry now

It's nice to hear about the good things we do

Lots of good health to you

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