Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2019 Applicants??

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Hey there!

I just finished my application into the Texas Wesleyan CRNA program. I chose the Denver sites as my top two.

Anybody else applying to the Denver site?

Anybody else applying to any other site?

I am hoping we can keep in touch on here, see how everybody is doing, and offer encouragement to each other.

Good luck everybody!!

I applied but for the life of me I can't remember my sites lol I sent the application in a couple months ago.

I applied but for the life of me I can't remember my sites lol I sent the application in a couple months ago.

Awesome! Let me know when you get an interview! I think the earliest I have heard of them doing interviews is in October. Good luck.

I'll let you know if I hear anything and you do the same please

Hi Heart 456,

I've also applied for both Denver sites, though am open to the Texas sites as well since I live here. Did you get the news (Fri afternoon) that UCH is no longer a clinical site?

Yeah. I got the email. Fortunately, I haven't relocated to Colorado yet. We were in the process of getting everything ready to move next month. My husband really wanted to relocate there permanently, but looks like we might have to put it off a couple of years. I guess the Denver sites are very competitive. I changed my list. I'm hoping for Denver, but if I got into another area that would be okay too. I'm from Oklahoma so, really anywhere would be fine since there are not any sites here.

I also applied to the only Denver site. I am from Colorado so I would really like to stay near my family while in school.

Hey! I applied for Colton, CA as my #1 and Dallas sites for my #2 and #3 pick. I just got an email a couple days ago saying I was selected for an interview and that they'd email me soon with interview dates and times. I did speak with someone at the graduate office and they said that Colton will interview sometime in October/November and Dallas interviews will take place in January. So I guess we're just patiently waiting until then.. their website does say it won't start until October 15 though.

I got an email today for interview.

I got the invitation today also

Got an email the other day for an interview - still waiting to hear the details. I have two Texas sites and one Denver site; however, I did select that I would be willing to go to other clinical sites if needed.

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