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  1. anrchope

    Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2019 Applicants??

    I also applied to the only Denver site. I am from Colorado so I would really like to stay near my family while in school.
  2. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    anyone interviewing this week?
  3. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    I did some researching through old posts from different cohorts, and it seems there's no rhyme or reason how they send out emails and it didn't matter when someone received an interview email or when the interviewed as an indication of acceptance. Don't give up hope!
  4. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Got that interview :)
  5. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Did anyone hear today?
  6. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Now I'm obsessively checking my email! Unfortunately there isn't much action on this thread, so it's hard to tell if all the emails went out today or if they are being sent as the application is reviewed.
  7. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Did you guys add a personal statement? I can't find the requirements for one.
  8. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Just getting the ball rolling on this thread. Really excited to be applying to CRNA programs this year! Who else is applying?
  9. anrchope

    TWU CRNA 2019

    Thought I throw this thread out there for other hopeful applicants for some moral support. I'm applying to the Colorado sites only. Here are my stats: ICU experience: 1 year in Neuro/surgical/trauma ICU MSN GPA: 3.62 Science GPA: 4.0 GRE: 154V/154Q CCRN/CNL certifications

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