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  1. anrchope

    KPSAN/CSU 2019

    When do you think we will hear back about a decision?
  2. anrchope

    KPSAN/CSU 2019

    I'll be there Feb 12th
  3. anrchope

    University of Pittsburgh CRNA 2020

    I applied and heard back, they said they'll send out interviews in February.
  4. anrchope

    The state of CRNAs in Colorado

    I'm going off to anesthsia school this year, but hope to come back home to Colorado once I'm done. Of all the places I've lived, Colorado seems to be the most behind the ball on the CRNA thing. What's the current environment and job prospect like for CRNAs and how is it going to change in the next 5 years.
  5. anrchope

    KPSAN/CSU 2019

    Any updates? Has anyone heard back yet?
  6. anrchope

    KPSAN/CSU 2019

    I have also applied. Any idea of when we hear back? When I did my initial screening, I didn't get the okay to apply for almost 2 months! Also, does anyone know how many people are interviewed vs how many are accepted?
  7. anrchope

    CRNA School? Is it too early?

    I got into a great CRNA program and I applied right after my 1 year mark. I didn't even have a managers recommendation because it's against policy at the hospital I worked at. My experience was also in a level 2 trauma center in the neuro/trauma ICU. Essentially, I got in despite everything I read about needing to work in a SICU or CVICU or having 2-3 years of ICU experience. Apply when you're ready and you've taken the GRE and CCRN. The worst that happens is you don't get in and you apply the next year. But you'll never know until you try!
  8. anrchope

    Finally Accepted!!! Need Advice.

    It's disheartening to see you talking about your classmates like this. I'd strongly suggest you adopt some humility. The old saying "you don't know what you don't" couldn't be more relevant here. You won't get any of the cases you crave if you aren't a team play and respect those around you. Good Luck!
  9. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    I interviewed in the middle of September, my last name falls at the end of the alphabet. I'm not sure if they are calling everyone today. I wish I had some Moreno info to help everyone out.
  10. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    I received my phone call today as well!! I'm still praying for all of you as well!
  11. anrchope

    Texas Wesleyan CRNA 2019 Applicants??

    I also applied to the only Denver site. I am from Colorado so I would really like to stay near my family while in school.
  12. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    anyone interviewing this week?
  13. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    I did some researching through old posts from different cohorts, and it seems there's no rhyme or reason how they send out emails and it didn't matter when someone received an interview email or when the interviewed as an indication of acceptance. Don't give up hope!
  14. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Got that interview :)
  15. anrchope

    LSU CRNA 2019

    Did anyone hear today?