UT-Houston Fall 2007 Applicants - page 16

Hey all, Just wanted to hear who else on the board is applying for Fall 2007. I've sent everything in and just took the NET test last Saturday. Now the waiting game begins! -Paige... Read More

  1. by   dm22
    did anyone else get a scholarship from the school of nursing? If so, when are they supposed to come in?
  2. by   shihtzu9
    Super Paige, I am applying for the 2009 Accelerated BSN at UTHSC-H. I noticed that in one of your posts you mentioned that you interviewed with one staff member who asked you a total of 5-6 questions. I interviewed this week and was interviewed by one individual as well; however, I saw a post from an applicant who interviewed on the same day as me and mentioned that he had two personal interviews back to back with 2 different faculty members. I'm a little worried why I only spoke with one. Any thoughts on this?