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Is anyone out there applying to TWU for the Spring of 2010? Just thought that I would start a group for all of us hopefuls so we could share information and have a way to communicate with each... Read More

  1. by   saralou
    Quote from Rha_Hea
    I have no idea about the shoes I went to an orientation for a different school and they said they just wanted white shoes (did not have to be leather and that the logo could be on there but very small/limited). I don't know if TWU is that lenient.

    ...and I was wondering what the color of the pants is called exactly (I have been looking a little online and there are a few different shades of the maroon color). I'm trying to get ahead and spread out how I am spending money (cause there is going to be a lot of money spent!)
    I emailed asking about that and was told burgundy pants, white top, white shoes with TWU patches on the shirts. The burgundy color is sometimes called wine.
  2. by   ali523
    does anybody know if TWU Houston has any kind of work study program that is affiliated with hospitals in the med center? I talked to my interviewer at UTHSC about theirs, i have attached what is says about it online:

    Work/Study/Scholarship (W/S/S) Program is designed to allow students to work as unlicensed personnel in various institutions throughout the Texas Medical Center.

    Students get paid for the time they work
    Students receive $500.00 per semester
    Students attend professional nursing seminars
    Students receive one (1) hour of elective credit for each semester enrolled in the program

    Institution Involved in the Program:

    Texas Children's Hospital

    St. Lukes' Episcopal Hospital

    University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  3. by   ali523
    does anybody know what happens if you accept TWU's offer, but back out afterwards? is there a deposit that we will lose? i wish they sent out all this information when we got our acceptance emails
  4. by   goopsy
    I think they send the information packets once you accept the offer. I think they try to save $$ that way.
  5. by   am014
    I received my acceptance letter in the mail today as I am sure most of you did as well! I must say I was expecting a packet of information, but instead it only contained what was in the email. I am assuming once you accept their offer they will send a bigger packet of information including the date of orientation, immunizations, etc. If I do not hear from UTHSC by the 9th I will accept TWU's offer. By the time they will need payments and what not I am hoping I will have heard from UTHSC! I wish this wasn't so complicated. Anyone else have suggestions or thoughts? I put an email into UTHSC today. It is just unfortunate that I may have to accept and then potentially decline. I dont like doing that.
  6. by   starlight99
    Ali523 and am014 - I am in the same boat as y'all concerning the TWU/UTHSCH decision. What are your thoughts on comparing the two programs? Do you think one is better than another and why? The only real big difference that I have noticed is the 4 continuous semesters at UTHSCH vs. no summer classes at TWU. The W/S/S program mentioned above also sounds very interesting. I was hoping to do something like that during the summers, if I attend TWU, do either of you have any information on a TWU program? One of the advisors at the TWU open house told me that you can opt to take the online electives during the summer months in order to lighten the course load during the regular semesters. This sounds like a great option to me. Also, I have heard that many of the hospitals in the med center offer job placements for nursing students who have atleast 1 semester of upper-division nursing education completed. Therefore, I think we would qualify for these positions after our first spring semester. The extra money and experience seems like a great option to me. Let me know what your thoughts are. Thanks!
  7. by   goopsy
    Patho grades are posted. Another 20 point curve! Crazy. I just noticed that once you log into blackboard, click on announcements, and then click on "view all" that there are announcements dating back to 2007, and she has other reviews for those classes that we can use to study as well, and they seem to be different than the reiews we are getting. She has reviews posted for Exams 4 and 5 so, i will use those. They seem to be longer like the one we just got for exam 3. Thought I would pass that on...
  8. by   lcapNICU_RN
    Hey guys

    I just emailed my contact at UT Houston and told her about our situation with the TWU deadline and when UT is letting us know about admission. When she gets back to me I will let ya'll know.
  9. by   ali523
    i just received an email from UT, it says:


    Unfortunately, we have not made a decision yet. Letters will go out by the end of next week or sooner.

  10. by   am014
    Quote from ali523
    i just received an email from UT, it says:


    Unfortunately, we have not made a decision yet. Letters will go out by the end of next week or sooner.

    Hmm, that does not help us very much. If and when I get a reply I will post it as well!
  11. by   ali523
    Quote from am014
    Hmm, that does not help us very much. If and when I get a reply I will post it as well!
    thanks! i emailed all five of the faculty that had admissions and recruitment by their name, so hopefully between all of us who have contacted people we will get a more specific answer! or maybe they really haven't decided and really don't know when they'll be done.
    i think i will wait until sunday or monday to see if anything changes, and if it doesn't i will accept the offer from twu and go from there.
  12. by   SuperSweet
    Dallas acceptees, I went to the nursing office today to get a little more info. They informed me that the packets go out after they get the acceptance letters, so I went ahead and turned in my confirmation form. I am going to attend the program part-time and they said that they accept 5 students each session to do part-time so if anyone else is considering get your form in there are 4 spots left! You can start out in the part-time and move to full time. This is a great option to have:yeahthat:Just wanted to share that in case you were unaware that this existed.
  13. by   lcapNICU_RN
    am014 i got the exact same email...thats probably what they are sending to everyone.

    Unfortunately, we have not made a decision yet. Letters will go out by the end of next week or sooner.

    Thanks "