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Can anyone give me any advice on this TPAPN program. It cost a lot of money, yet TPAPN informs me, I cannot return to nursing until they say so. The drug test are expensive, plus the initial cost... Read More

  1. by   gauge14iv
    Just a friendly FYI - it is unlikely that many people will take the time to read posts that are written in cryptic text such as this. It's somewhat frustrating after about 12 words and then It's just too much effort.

    It's very appropriate and acceptable for a cell phone or other device where thumb strokes need to be minimized, but generally not so much so on a discussion forum
    Sorry about that! I text message alot so I'm just used to it. Does anyone know if when you join TPAPN, do you have to go to rehab? SURLY since I've been sober for three years they wont make me do that!
  3. by   Magsulfate
    Quote from GIJay
    I sent you a pm. Don't get discouraged about rejection because it is going to happen. I went on many interviews before i got hired. Most of them went great until I mentioned 'TPAPN' then it was 'we'll let you know' only to never hear from them despite leaving message after message. Hopefully you will find a director that truly believes people deserve a second chance like I did. I just started a new job 4 weeks ago after 4+ months of unemployment and so far I love it.
    Before I was in TPAPN, I was never ever turned down for a job. NEVER. Now that I am in TPAPN, that is all I get.... rejections. It sucks. It is very discouraging.
  4. by   hippychic121269
    Hi Jason, I have recently joined the TPAPN program. I noticed that you are from New Waverly, I live in Point Blank, on the lake, for about 10 years. I worked at Huntsville ER for about 5 1/2 years ( 1999-2005). Have you ever been employeed there. Please tell me about you tpapn experience and what I can expect. I am enrolled for a UA that came up + for hydrocodone, (prescribed) but there was also some missing from the hosptial in Houston that I was working at, so the 3 of us that tested + for it were referred to TPAPN.
  5. by   RNRutRO
    Hey Hippychic--tried to send you a PM, but it wouldn't work.

    Sucks that you got referred to TPAPN, but, don't dwell on it. Just smile and nod. It's a lot at first, don't make yourself stand out, and call for your UA's every day. You can and will get through this--Right Everyone?????

    If you have any specific questions, send me a PM and I'll be happy to help. I know when I started I had a ton of questions, and my CM was hardly ever there, and if she was, didn't answer the phone.

    Good luck and Keep us posted.
  6. by   Magsulfate
    Yes, you will get through it. The hardest part is at the beginning. No job and having to go to all those meetings and counseling sessions. I just now got a job, haven't actually started working yet, but hopefully within the next two weeks I will walk in there with my scrubs on and feel like a real nurse again. The classes really helped me, but the hardest thing for me is to remember to call in everyday for the UA tests. I am getting pretty good at it. I wake up, roll over and dial the number before I even wipe the sleep out of my eyes. Just remember to do everything they tell you to do, make a little check list and NEVER miss a drug test. Don't forget to call in everyday and NEVER run out of drug testing forms. Also,,, always turn in your paperwork each month on time. Don't stand out or do anything wrong.. you don't want your case manager knowing your voice/name by heart.. thats for sure!! If you need any help, have any questions, post them on here or message me or RNrutro... we all need to have our own little support group,,, there is no support group out there for tpapn nurses... there really isn't. Your CM is not your friend... your advocate might think she is your friend, but she isn't. Just remember, there are hundreds of tpapn nurses out there,,, you are not the only one... and we are making it through this, and you can too. You might be broke for a while,, applying for foodstamps,, eating beans and rice... buying that cheap toilet paper,,,, turning your a/c off because you can't afford the light bill... but just do the best you can. You can't give up. Lord knows there were many days that I wanted to just give up, but I got on here and I had rnrutro to tell me to get my butt out of bed and take a shower and go look for a job! It really helped to have her there.... thank you rnrutro.. :wink2:
  7. by   RNRutRO
    Hey Hippychic - are you doing any better? Found a job yet?
  8. by   joelpap1
    Great news everyone... I have a name to a union representative that wants to organize in Texas.. Her name is Ha Nguyen (210) 410-1498 and email I do not the specifics about this union, NurseAlliance, and BNE(if they are hand-in-hand). I can assume they want to represent nurses in all aspects of the profession. Please, feel free to call and email any questions.. Also, please post any dialogue. Thanks..