SN wanting your TPAPN stories.....Thanx

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    I am a student nurse taking Legal & Ethical. I am doing a presentation on TPAPN and I would like to hear from you. Good stories, & bad ones. I am really trying to get a feel about the true advantages & disadvantages of this program.
    I want to thank all of you for your time and stories, I appreciate it. Dawn SN

    ~~~~What I mean is I want to know what encounters you have had...
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    What is TPAPN?

    Is it something specific to a certain state?
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    [font=book antiqua]each state is different. california has the nurse diversion program. crock of bull cookies. i spent five years in that and then three in the bon's probation program. the attraction to nurses new in recovery is that if diversion is completed successfully, the original complaint is wiped and there is no record. with the bon's program, it's public knowledge. newbies are filled with shame and fear, and the last thing they want is anyone knowing their secret, so they choose diversion. the most common complaint from my support group was the inconsistency in the program. nobody ever knew which way was up. if i had known in the beginning what i know now, i would have bypassed diversion and gone straight to probation. i finally realized that if a prospective employer has a problem with something that happeed years ago and was taken care of, then i don't want to be working for them. the probation program made much more sense and was more realistic to life.
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    I moved your thread to the Texas Forum so that you get the most relevant responses.
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    My former coworker had her RN licensure revoked about 1 month ago while she was in the TPAPN program. Click on the link below to read more on this story.

    By the way, TPAPN is unique to Texas.
  8. by   longhornfan1
    Am enrolled in TPAPN and have good things and bad to say, but most importantly......I am the only one responsible for my actions that lead to this "voluntary" program. Was busted for cause diverting. Scared me. Was an LVN for almost 5 years at the time and had never done anything to put my career, family, reputation and life n jeopardy. But took meds after my surgery the previous summer and had all kinds of energy from them and felt I made better decisions (nursing and personal) when I was taking them. Took them for a couple of months and got busted/fired/reported and now, 17 months "clean", 16 months of 100% TPAPN compliance, allowed to complete my ASN and take RN boards, and all I can say is : JUST 8 MORE MONTHS : Sure it can be intense at times with all the paperwork, meetings, evaluations, daily drug screen phone calls, REHAB!! One thing I am excited about. Check out the new program they have started for "first timers" Called EEY. If you have a clean record and no history of abuse & limited potential for addiction, you sign up for a 1 year program, no disclosure to employers, no work restrictions, (that was the hardest part, having someone else give my narcs. Cried nearly every shift because of the comments and garbage) and you show 6 mo safe practice and submit 4 random drug screens, never pop + or give cause for concern, you are done in a year, and it is off your record. They just started this, would have been perfect for me cause I was looking for energy and pep not main-lining in the bathroom or hitting the crack pipe in my car at lunch time. Should have stuck with coffee. Anyway. I have many grips too. But that is for another day. If you have specific ?'s email me
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    What is the EEY program for 1st timers?