Paid Nursing School in Dallas area?

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    I am a 30-year old woman who is considering entering the nursing field after 6 years of successful high-level tech sales. I have recently endured a year 1/2-long health battle and it has inspired me to go back to school and become a health care professional. After being cared for by some of the best (and worst! :-P) health care providers around, I believe I can make a difference in this field while learning continuously.

    My sister-in-law recently contracted with a hospital in East Texas--they are paying for her education and she has agreed to work for them for two years following her RN graduation.

    Does anyone know of any similar programs here in the Dallas, TX area? I live in Lewisville and would prefer something close to this area as my husband and I just bought a home here.

    Any information would be much appreciated. It would be very difficult for us to pay for school while surviving on a single income, and I am still paying off loans from my undergrad years. However, the program my sister-in-law found sounds promising and I would love to find out if there is anything in this area.

    Thank you so much for your help, and I look forward to learning from you all through your threads on these forums.

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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! I moved your post to the Texas Forum so that you can get more responses specific to the Dallas area. I think that the majority of the major hospital systems in Texas offer tuition reimbursement (if not payment upfront) for employees wanting to become nurses.
  4. by   jberry
    Wonderful, thank you! I think I accidentally posted twice too . I am new to these forums and had a little difficulty navigating .

    Thank you again for your help .

  5. by   EricJRN
    No problem. If you want to learn more about the website, a great place to start is the 'Help' tab located in the gray toolbar along the top right of each page. There are several helpful links there, including a video to help you get started.
  6. by   Heather, R.N.
    Hi! Several of my friends did this as well... Unfortunately, I didn't... (Sigh.) But, yes, DFW offers this! Good luck!!
  7. by   txspadequeenRN
    harris methodist has a program but it is for employees that have worked there for a certain length of time and i think it is a year. i knew someone that was doing it and he worked in admissions. they paid for all his classes and i think it was through dccc. i am not sure on that part though. there are plenty of hospitals in the dfw area that offer some type of tuition reimbursement but i dont think it equals 100%. there are so many grants and scholarships around to help. i knew one rn that paid for one entire year at tcu on scholarships alone. she just did some extra work and went to the library searching through all the scholarship books. good luck...
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  8. by   iryinna
    does anybody now any other nursing school with LVN FAST -TRACK prog.,beside dallas nursing institute in dallas , tx area???
    thank you !!!
  9. by   shariceh
    What hospital in East Texas did your sister get the scholarship from?
  10. by   goopsy
    I am in your area, and I know my friend works at the Lewisville hospital on 35 and Main st. She is an lvn, and they are paying for her bridge to do it at NCTC, she took some courses with me at Northlake CC, where I met her. If you look on that hospital's website, maybe you can get a job there and have them pay for it. Good Luck!
  11. by   camiluvsNURSING
    Methodist Hospital of Dallas, Mansfield and Charlton Methodist has a partnership with El Centro College/ Northlake College's ADN Program If you are an employee, volunteer or family member/ spouse of an employee you can apply after you have completed all of your pre-reqs. They pay for everything (tuition, books and fees) as long as you agree to work for them for 30 months after graduation. I am starting my third semester this August, here's the link...
  12. by   Prettyladie
    I know the Medical Center of Lewisville has a program with El Centro College. Its on the website.
  13. by   latricia99
    Congrats on your accomplishment
  14. by   jaymom2b
    What about in the fort worth area? Does anyone know of a program like this in the fort worth area?