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  1. latricia99

    How do you study for Nursing Exams

    Snowrain7489- I'm a visual learner. Can you please send me any tips or material you may have that will assist me in retaining info. when studying. Thanks in advance. After being out of school 6 yrs. I have just learned that rewriting my notes in diff. colored ink actually wks.
  2. latricia99

    Paid Nursing School in Dallas area?

    Congrats on your accomplishment
  3. Its been over five years that I've taken AP. Lately, I have been contemplating whether or not to apply for an associate rn vs. the bsn. I spoke to a Nurse Curriculum Coord. today and they felt that I should retake A&P along with basic algebra, and tech. writing. What do you think I should do? Am I doing a myself a disservice if I don't retake these classes. Also is it feasible for me to work full time as a flight attendant and attend nursing school? Any suggestions for studying for the Hesi or Net exam? I'm very frustrated ; here I am after 5 yrs with a degree I'm ready to start a career that's challenging yet rewarding feeling like I'm back tracking. Please help

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