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i want to tell everybody do not give up. i am proof that god will never let you fail. he will never give up on you, if you don't give up on him. i applied to 5 schools. letter after letter... i kept... Read More

  1. by   SheilaORN
    Hi prettyladie,

    Good luck i actually just graduated from MSU in May 2009. I loved the school even though it was a long commute because i lived and worked in Dallas the whole time i was attending nursing school at MSU.
  2. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    CONGRATS!!!!! I know it was VERY hard work to do ....but you made it through which is all that matters. Can you give us some insight on MSU nursing school as far as what we have coming?
  3. by   Bianca'sDream
    Hey Prettyladie, I just wanted to say congrats on getting in...its truly a blessing. God bless you on your journey in nursing school.
  4. by   SheilaORN
    Sorry FuTuRe Rn for not replying earlier before school started. I know u already started classes already. The first semester is not bad at all if you manage your time right. It will be a good idea to talk to the people ahead of you coz they will give you good insights on what to expect from the instructors.
  5. by   SheilaORN
    Prettie Lady
    I hope u did get the email i sent you before school sarted anyway Good luck u will be ok.
  6. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    Thank you so much!!! I already know one person and she's already telling me what I have coming LOL. But , Im ready for the challenge!
  7. by   afranklin

    Prettieladie, you were sooo supportive of me during my 'season of hell' with Micro this past semester; I'm so happy for you.

    Unfortunately, I received the 'we regret to inform you' letter also and so I am just about to give up.

    There really is no help for me but I'm so glad things worked out for you.
  8. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    @ afranklin PLEASE dont give up!!!! We didnt come this far to give up....dont let it get you down just get back up and keep on applying...YOU WILL GET INTO ONE! Kepp goin hard for it!
  9. by   Alum08
    Sheila - can you give me some insight on your commute? I am thinking about making the commute from Dallas to MWSU too. Do you regret... do you have a family and that's why you didn't move? What part of Dallas did you commute from and how long did it take?
  10. by   Prettyladie
    Sometimes I stay in Dallas, right around the 635 area, and when I go up 114, it takes approx 2.5 hours. Its 150 miles from my house. From the Denton area you would use 380, and thats about 2 hours.
  11. by   SheilaORN
    Hi Alum08,
    used to take me about 2hours but sometime 1:45 mins from Dallas but 2hr was max. I do not have family is just i had to keep ma job down here and i was not looking to live in WF.. It was hard but kinda loved it coz i got used to it and dealt with it. The good thing the classes at MSU ends Thursdays n i would head right to Dallas after classes, i woked Thursdays nights. When u get used to it you dont even see hour the 2 hours fly by. U will be suprised how many pple commute lots of pple in my class were commuters espe. from Dallas and others 1hour away, so u will do it have determination.
  12. by   SheilaORN
    Dallas area forest lane/635 but most of the time i drove from work Sunday nights which is at Farmers Branch 35/635, used to go 114, i like 114 coz its a straight shot to 287.
  13. by   prettygirlrock
    please do you know if it is possible to still get accepted for spring semester 2011- was told my is on the waiting list and some people might not show up and some may not meet the reqirement.