LVN salary in Texas

  1. hi, i'm currently in nursing school and hope to finish in december. i am studying to be an LVN and just want to know what the average starting salaries are and maybe which city is the best to live in Texas. I currently live in Longview but I'm not from here. I was thinking about San Antonio, any ideas?
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I was told that San Antonio is a lower-paying metro area due to the large numbers of nursing programs in the area. If there are too many new nurses in one city, the pay rates will remain low due to too much supply.

    The DFW area averages $18-$25 hourly for LVNs. Houston is also competitive.
  4. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    $18-$25/ hour for LVN's in DFW? Wow! RN's start at $21/hr in Utah. What is the avg. wage for a new RN there?
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    ive made a lot more than that at last job i made a little of $27/hr but i had been there many years... when i did agency i made anywhere from $24-35..depending on the facility and just how bad they needed coverage. one time several nursing homes just northwest of the dfw area cleared all their staff out (took over by the state) and i got offered $45/hr to cover those way i woud work for $21 a hour as a rn....i barley do it as a lvn

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    $18-$25/ hour for lvn's in dfw? wow! rn's start at $21/hr in utah. what is the avg. wage for a new rn there?
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from txspadequeen921
    no way i woud work for $21 a hour as a rn....i barley do it as a lvn
    i attend a lpn-to-rn bridge program in oklahoma city while still living in fort worth. half of the students in this school are texas lvns.

    anyway, a human resources rep from the univ. of oklahoma health sciences center came to the school and discussed job opportunities with us that were available once we became rns. he stated that new rns start out at $18.65 per hour at his hospital. keep in mind that this is a big city hospital located in downtown okc.

    the students from texas couldn't hold the laughter. all of the texas lvns were earning far more than the rn pay rate that he had quoted.
  7. by   cookiemomma
    just saw the post about lvn salaries in texas....laughter abound i would say if an rn makes $18.00
    would love information on how to the program works for texas lvns any responses would be greatly appreciated.thanks
  8. by   mway
    I work in Longview,TX as a PCT and I have heard that new RN make less than $22/hr. Most places I have applied for have been from $18-20 an hour for new LVN.

    My hospital doesn't hire new LVN they require a years experience in acute care first. I know that they start out at $13.85/hr here for LVN.

    Megan GVN (boards on the 10th of Sept)
  9. by   jwalston
    At Scott and white in Temple, new grad LVN's start out at 15.92 thats even in the clinics. If you work hospital night shift its obviously more and I've heard of people I graduate with that work night shift on the weekend and they're making $23/hr. I still haven't heard how much a new grad RN makes at S&W, although I would like to know since I will be an RN in May 2011!!!
  10. by   MedChica
    $18.00 an hour?

    I earned more than that as a newbie xray tech.
    I earned $28/hr to start with CT/xray/4 years experience (in Florida).
    ...and I was offered $19/hr to 'shoot' basic routine xrays at an ortho CLINIC (in San Antonio).
    (the pay in Texas and Florida are the same...but the COL is nastier in Florida, go figure)

    God knows why we're paid so much, while these poor grunt-worker CNAs - who do MORE work, by far - are paid the equiv of pesos and lint.
    I'm currently attempting to transition into a PCT-position w/in a hospital but for now I'm a nursing home.
    I'd given myself a little self-talk before rec'vg my first check...but, I was 19 yrs old the last time I saw $9.50/hr.
    I swear, I rec'vd more money on unemployment after leaving the military!

    If I didn't value the experience of being CNA and kinda like my job I'd say, "...the hell with this' and go back to 'shooting' (xrays).

    Forgot to mention that my aunt (who is a RN in a psych unit) makes a pretty penny. She's no newbie. Been at it for 40 years.
    ...but she just built a 2-story in Sugarland and always drives pretty cars.
    So...she is paid rather well.
    How much? I do not know. She's always asleep whenever we visit...
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  11. by   robert2010
    last year as an LVN working in dialysis at Davita I was making $21
    finished RN school in may 2010 and Davita offered me $27/hr so I said goodbye and got me a job at a private dialysis center making $34/hr with only 4 months of RN experience, I was only an LVN for 1 year and a dialysis PCT for 16 years. All this took place here in Houston, Texas. Sometimes it's good to move around to make ends meet. When I became a nurse, dialysis clinics did not take my PCT experience in consideration.