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  1. mway

    Nursing Shortage: More Jobs Than Recruiters can fill

    I'm a graduate vocational nurse. I had a job for 2 whole days before the nursing home wanted me to work by myself and switch to a different shift. All the promises went out the window. The pay was great ($19.50 an hour), but if you can't trust them for no long than 2 days its not worth it to me. I might as well stay an aide for the next 17 years! I have two opportunities right now so hopefully they will work out. Wish you all well and a lot of prosperity. Megan, GVN:redbeathe
  2. mway

    New LVN Grad

    Hello, I'm a new grad and am in a delima about which job to seek. I've been an aide for a very long time and mostly in the hospital setting. I feel my skills as far as acute/critical care is an A+. A dialysis center has called to set up an interview and so has a nursing home. I'm still working at my hospital as an aide PRN. I am not sure which I should go for? At this particular nursing home I would be doing Medicare assessments because the have medication aides. I would of course to the tube meds but that would be it. I'm thinking dialysis would give me more skills. Any advice would be helpful. Megan GVN (boards on the 10th)
  3. mway

    LVN salary in Texas

    I work in Longview,TX as a PCT and I have heard that new RN make less than $22/hr. Most places I have applied for have been from $18-20 an hour for new LVN. My hospital doesn't hire new LVN they require a years experience in acute care first. I know that they start out at $13.85/hr here for LVN. Megan GVN (boards on the 10th of Sept)