How to get hired as a new RN grad in Houston, Texas?

  1. Hello all! I am new to the allnurses forum. I graduated in December 2008 with my BSN and moved to Houston. I recently passed my NCLEX as well. However, I am having so much trouble finding a job as a new grad. I moved from Louisiana, where new grads are hired all the time. I am not picky and willing to work on any unit- I really nursing! Does anyone have advice for me? I am getting very discouraged and wondering if I should move back to Louisiana, something I really do not want to do. I love it here!!

    Thanks in advance for anyone's response/help!
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  3. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    What has happened so far? Are you getting rejections? If so, are they giving reasons? Are you just not finding jobs posted for new grads? This is a tough market right now so don't take the lack of interest by employers personally.
  4. by   NursesRock222
    Well, being from New Orleans there is no such thing as a graduate nurse program that you have to apply for and get selected to participate in. So when I moved to Houston, I was contracted as a clinical nurse for 2 months, which I did while studying for the NCLEX, completely oblivious that I should have been applying to these new grad programs. So when I passed my NCLEX in April and began the job search and found the graduate nurse positions were all filled. I am getting rejected with every employers reason being I have less than one year experience.

    I'm just very confused- here I am with a TX license, actively looking for employment and being rejected due less than one year experience. I just wonder how one can even get experience if not given the chance.

    Thanks for your response. :spin: Any advice on what I should do or how I can go about getting a RN job as a new grad? I don't want to wait until the next grad program in December2009/January2010.
  5. by   NeoNurseTX
    Most of the larger hospitals only open up new grad positions in jan and june right after people graduate. I moved back to Texas at a weird time when I started my nursing career and had a heck of a time getting in a new grad program due to the same thing (most hospitals had already closed to applications) so I just started at a smaller facility.
  6. by   NursesRock222
    Thanks for your reply! It gives me a ray of hope. What facility did you start at? When you say larger hospitals do you mean the ones in the med center? Any suggestions on what small hospitals I should apply to?

    Thank you SO MUCH!
  7. by   CPhT2RNstudent
    What area of Houston are you at? Try small hospitals in areas like Katy for example if you are near by.
  8. by   NursesRock222
    I live about 1 mile from the med center. I spent yesterday searching the Sugarland area and am applying for jobs there today. I'll keep you all posted- thanks again to everyone for your help/advice/support!
  9. by   natthomas
    Hi NurseRock222,

    I just read your post. I saw you took the NCLEX in April.....I have a personal question (inregards to me lol) I would to ask........Please send me a private email thru here.....Hope to hear from you soon and by the way I hope you find something and real soon....keep you fingers cross
  10. by   cookiemomma
    hye hon just saw ur post i work at the veterans hospital here on holcombe...they are hiring nurses techs, np's me at and i will help u talk to the right people..good luck
  11. by   NursesRock222
    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR RESPONSES AND SUPPORT! I was called for an interview at an ER clinic about 2 weeks ago and started this past Tuesday. I have oriented for 4 days now and LOVE it !!!!

    cookiemomma: thanks for giving me your personal email, knowing there are people like you willing to help me is such a great feeling!

    Good Luck to all new grads

    Thanks to all nurses for taking us new grads under your wings and trainging us to be future angels!
  12. by   GoldenFire
    Quote from cookiemomma
    hye hon just saw ur post i work at the veterans hospital here on holcombe...they are hiring nurses techs, np's me at and i will help u talk to the right people..good luck
    Cookiemomma... was wondering if you would extend the same help to me? I graduate this May and am currently looking for any and all positions. Please let me know and I would really really appreciate it!
  13. by   vinnyRN
    Hi, I'm running into the same situation myself. I've passed my NCLEX in October and I've applied at pretty much all of the hospitals in the Houston area (Med Center, Katy, Woodlands, Kingwood, Sugarland, and even Conroe). The response that I get is that I have less than a year experience. I've applied for the upcoming internship programs coming in June, but I feel like I'm putting "all of my eggs in one basket." I didn't get in any of the programs for January 2010. If I don't get selected, then I would have to wait another 6 mos. Is there anyone that is able to point me to the right direction? I'm open to all specialties. Thank you!
  14. by   datfoomikko
    Hey you guys... I'm also applying everywhere and getting no response... I applied to MD Anderson internship and got rejected at St.Luke's.. for the time being I'm working as a home health nurse... I was wondering where I can apply to get some hospital experience...? Cookiemama I just emailed you.....