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I have a general question on my pre req's according to Brookhaven I have a 3.07 am I fooling myself :uhoh3: because I have been reading past posts and all of the people who were stressing who had... Read More

  1. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    YOU SHOULD BE FINE GIRL!!!! A 3.68 with a 89 on the HESI..THATS AWESOME! i know your nervous and still stressing...all of us are lol. What classes are you missing? What other schools are you applying to? If you dont get in for the spring(which i pray you do) then brush it off and you will get in for the fall! If you no this is really what you want push for it got it! Good Luck!
  2. by   goopsy
    i wish they let you take the HESI somewhere besides their school; i took mine at prometric.
  3. by   Alum08
    I would not stress over your GPA. DCCCD has it set up to where GPA isn't a big factor. If you have a 3.1 it's hardly going to play a difference if you have a 3.8. It will be a difference of 0.7 points in the ranking system. Just get all your classes out of the way and try your very best on the Hesi A test. They Hesi is where your points come in after you have all or most of your classes/and support classes out of the way.
  4. by   KaseyP
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, FUTURERN!! i really appreciate it!! I just hope it all works out!! Although my GPA slid downward to a 3.68, I do have a 4.0 in the core prerequisite classes..i just feel like pulling my hair out sometimes, wondering if I've done enough to make the cut. It pretty much looks like we're all stressing on one level or another!! I just want to wish everyone the best of luck with your classes and admittance into the nursing program which ever college you choose! I'm just so thankful that we have a website like this to go to and to be able to talk to one another and share our experiences and concerns! Brookhaven is sooo competitive, and I want to make sure I have all my ducks lined up before applying; the fact that they have very few pre-nursing courses is a bit of a bummer too and it's holding me back...I still need End of Life Issues and Nursing Patho, but when you only offer 1 class to two colleges, you know it's bound to fill up in the first few minutes of registration!! I've read on other post here that some people that get accepted into the nursing program thru Brookhaven don't get their first choice and they send them to Mountain view....OMG I hope that doesn't happen to me!! I really don't want to go to Mountain view; no offense to anyone who does-it's just so far away from my residence!! But, I will be thankful either way! 'Sorry I'm rambling so much; I was up all night studying Pharmacology; at least I was able to secure that class this semester!! I'll close for now and get some much needed rest. Take care and I'll talk to ya'll soon!!
  5. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    No problem we all need it!!! Where do you take Pharm at? Im applying to Midwestern State University and my freind told me not to take pharm at the school, but to take it at El centro online or something.
  6. by   KaseyP
    Exactly!! I'm taking it on line ..I made a "B" on my first test, it was so stupid of me! Nothing that a pint of Rocky Road or Chunky Monkey can't cure though!! I was lucky to even get into this class the way they all fill up, so at least this semester isn't a complete waste; I do have a lot of time to spend tending my garden which is a huge stress reliever for me! Do you still need to take Pharm? :typing
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  7. by   SheilaORN
    I Went to DCCCD i know from personal experience and from my friends. The schools especially Elcentro u must have 4.0 GPA on Pre-requisites to be considered. I had 4.0 but never got in coz a lot of people are applying to the program. I'm not discouraging you or anything but i wanted to tell you to keep other options in mind as in applying to various schools and whichever takes you 1st take the opportunity coz u do not want to be on a waitlist forever. I never thought i will go to Wichita Falls but i did 2.5 yrs done and i'm back to Dallas so don't let the distance scare you. Good luck
  8. by   SheilaORN
    FutureRn u r right u can take Pharm anywhere as long as it's a 3 credit one then take your transcript to Kathy at MSU coz she is the one who teaches Pharm they she will go over and give an ok for u to get credit. Most pple in MSU nursing neva new that. But when i went to **** and told her that i had already taken Pharm at Brookhaven before i went to MSU she told me to bring the syllabus and that is how i got credit so my friends also went and did theres at community college.
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  9. by   KaseyP
    Thanks Sheila, I appreciate any info you can give me! And congradulations on becoming an RN!!! I'm keeping my options open, but I truly want to go to Brookhaven...Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!
  10. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    KaseyP yea I still need to take it, but I think Im gonna go for it this summer.. I always wanted to attend UTA's nursing program, never really thought of any other ones...but after I started adding the courses up I figured out that it would take me an extra year to apply to uta's program because of the pre reqs they require. So I started looking into alot of other schools and I found Midwestern State University...a school that didnt require any extra classes than Ive already taken...on top of that I got advised and she told me I shouldnt have any problems getting in so MSU has been my first choice ever since then! So If MSU dont work out for the spring, ill be applying again in the Fall along with TCC and Weatherford.
  11. by   KaseyP
    FutureRN, it's good you have other schools to fall back on...I'm set for El Centro except for one HPRS course and I think I lack two courses for TCC; I'll just have to sit back and see how it all unfolds! I'm hoping that some of the classes I still need at Brookhaven may be offered for Wintermester...That would definately help in getting these other 2 support classes finished! Have you taken Micro yet? I know a very good instructor at El Centro... she's excelllent and I learned sooo much!! I took her class in the summer; it's intense, but she really knew how to relate the subject matter to every day life and she broke it down for you, and she was so creative! I grow a lot of roses in my front garden, and after taking her class, I'll never touch another rose or soil without gloves on again!!
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  12. by   *FuTuRe Rn**
    Thats all I needed at El Centro too, but im kinda far from El Centro so I just marked that one off of the list. I just needed to complete Micro for TCC. Now Brookhaven, i needed like 4 or 5 other courses in order for me to even be competetive so they told me. Im in Micro now at UTA, I love it my teacher LOVES what she does! It's funny because she just talked to us about the soil and how thats like the microbes natural habitat! I love it already, Its a 8 am class but im always so wide awake in her class! Did yall have to do unknowns?
  13. by   KaseyP
    OMG!! We sure did!! We had an unknown lab and it was so complex!! But fun at the same time!! I honestly will never forget her; she makes quite an impact on her students. And I hear ya with regards to the different pre-reqs at different colleges...It makes you wonder if we'll ever get this done!