Anyone get diploma from Baptist Health System Nursing Program in San Antonio?

  1. One of the other threads sparked my interest in diploma programs, and I'm hoping someone can give me some firsthand (or even secondhand) info about the one in San Antonio. In the other thread, it sounds as though one receives plenty clinical experience.

    Baptist Health Systems in San Antonio has a diploma program. Their website sums it up as follows: 392 hours lecture, 168 hours lab, and 896 hours clinical. WOW! That's so much more than what I'm finding at other schools. Their program is 2 years--four 16-week semesters. Hmm...well, that would give me 20 weeks per year to work -- mejor que nada.

    Their NCLEX pass rate has ranged from 90.00% to 96.80% over the past five years. I've been putting lots of value on the pass rate in my search for a school. Hope that's valid. My mom, an RN, says it doesn't matter.

    I have two baccalaureate degrees and would likely head toward an MSN after working a while.

    All input valued and welcome!!

    TIA, Agatha
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  3. by   gauge14iv
    If you already know you plan to go on for an MSN, make sure the schools you are interested in do not require a BS in *nursing* in order to gain entry into their MS programs. Some do. If your target school requires a BS in nursing, you would be better off going for a BS in nursing now and just getting it over with in all likelihood.

    If your target school doesn't care what kind of BS you have (a few don't depending on what kind of MS program you are interested in) then go for it. I had friends years ago (right out of high school) who went to Baptist and loved the program - I havnt heard anything about it in 20 years though.
  4. by   Agatha
    Thanks for your input, Guage14iv.

    It could be that I never do the MSN. When I first looked into a career change, I assumed the higher degree would help me with experience since I'm entering nursing as a second career. There's 20-25 years experience I can't make up.

    Ultimately, my goal is to be the best nurse I can. Going into the field as an older nurse, I want to make sure my education prepares me well. It sounds as though the diploma program may do just that.

    Thanks again. :spin:
  5. by   amn_carpenter

    I feel that I am very much in the same boat as you are. I personally have decided to only apply to the BSN program at UTHSCSA (Univ. of TX Health and Science at SA). If you already have the prereqs it's only two years and you'll have a BSN. If you so decide to at a latter date then you are already set up to go for your MSN. Have you applied anywhere yet?

  6. by   amn_carpenter
    Sorry, one thing I wanted to mention is that there is a huge cost difference between the two options as well. That may be a factor. Since you are older than the average student (I am as well) you may have a family that you need to think about too.

  7. by   myrose
    Just an FYI, Baptist School Of Health Professions will no longer be a diploma program. The will be offering an associates degree.
  8. by   amn_carpenter
    That is great news! Thanks for the update.
  9. by   Bortaz, RN
    I know this thread was started 2 years ago, but anyway...

    My wife graduated as an LVN 20+ years ago and as an RN about 10 years ago, from Baptist Health System. She also worked for Baptist Hospital for about 24 years, before relocating out of SA.

    Now that I'm in NS, she tells me all the time that she had way more clinical experiences than we do, and having all the hospitals associated with Baptist available for use by the school, they had way more opportunities to learn and DO things in clinical. She loved the program.
  10. by   amn_carpenter
    Old posts are still read frequently by people wanting to know. Your post is appreciated and I think that is a good point. The more hands on experience you get, the better you should do as a nurse.
  11. by   melissa1353
    To anyone wondering about Baptist School of Nursing in SA:

    I just had to post this because I have been asked quite often if not having a BSN (or an Associates) has affected my ability to get jobs or good pay.

    When I graduated and took the State Board Exam, which is what it was called back then-more than 30 years ago, Baptist had the highest pass rate of any of the Nursing Schools in SA. I was really lucky because I chose the school because they offered me a scholarship and not because they were the best. Fortunately they were. I got any excellent education there and as far as procedures, I had done them all by the time I graduated, not just read about them. Passing scores at the time were 350 and I made over 675 in all areas. My scholarship paid for EVERYTHING including room & board, all meals, uniforms, & books etc. The program was intensive and hard work at the BHS. Honestly, I sometimes have no idea how I did it-but am so grateful for that opportunity.

    My diploma has never held me back. I have been in many management positions over the years including the position of corporate director over many TX facilities. Even if I saw a job advertisement mention degree only, if I felt I was qualified, I applied-I know what I am capable of and am not afraid to sell myself.

    I told myself that when my "diploma" started effecting my salary I would go back to school but it never has. I have always been offered the top range.

    I don't know what the program is like now but if I had a daughter/son who wanted to be a nurse I would recommend they check out Baptist first.
  12. by   Dottie, RN
    Has anyone done the evening/weekend program at Baptist? I've applied for this program due to the fact that the economy is so bad, and my husband's school loan bills are going to start coming in, it probably won't be smart for me to quit my full-time day job like I planned. I plan to work full-time and go to Baptist in the evenings/weekends for the first year, then hopefully quit my job and switch to the day program for the 2nd year.

    If anyone has done the evening/weekend program, I would like to know how it is, and if anyone has managed working a full-time job and school in the evenings. I'm sure it's going to be a challenge, but I'm ready for it!
  13. by   jessica<3RN
    I'm a day time student at Baptist, but I have a friend enrolled in the evening program. Lecture is Monday-Thursday from 1800-2100, although they often times get out much earlier. Clinical days are Saturdays from 0645-1845. I know that Mrs. Hernandez is one of the night time instructors. That's about all I have for you. GL on your journey!!
  14. by   Dottie, RN
    Thank you, johanna_quest! I'm so excited, and hopefully I'll get accepted to start in the fall. That would be good if they let us off a little earlier...more time to study or spend time with the family before bedtime!