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  1. amn_carpenter

    when an employee "tattles"

    One way I learned to handle this situation is to ask the person "Why are you telling me this?" or "What is your intent?"
  2. amn_carpenter

    wanting to leave after 7 months

    As others have said, delegation. You cannot do everything yourself and they cannot expect you to be able to do it all. Analyze your calls. Are they mostly staffing issues? Most of my calls were staffing issues. Once I hired more people and help people accountable for showing up, the calls really slowed down. Also, I had a couple of nurses who just did not understand boundaries. They would text about everything. You may have to draw boundaries. If they are calling for protocols or needing other work-related information, maybe you could create a resources binder. Let us know about specific problems you are having if you want more help. I know we have some pretty creative managers who would love to share their advice with you.
  3. amn_carpenter

    What more can I do?

    I am fairly new to nursing. I graduated in December of 2011. Currently I am interviewing for 2 Director of Nursing positions. I spent 3 months being an Interim Clinical Coordinator in the ICU and PCU. During the first 2 months I had no director so I did everything. Now I am interviewing in the same hospital for Director of Rehab and Bariatrics Surgery. I am also interviewing outside the hospital for Director of Nursing for a Nursing and Rehab facility. I did it by a lot of hard work. People notice when you work harder than others. People will also help people they know. Build up your network. Know where to look for what you want. My first job was in a nursing home. In 2 months I became an assistant director. I felt like I was missing the floor and hospital experience. I wanted to go into the ICU but that is hard to do without a year of experience in the hospital first. So, I went to a hospital on the "bad" side of town. They hired me right away. After 9 months on the floor a lot of people started leaving. I wanted another job too, poor management and working conditions were taking it's toll. So, I went to upper management because rumor had it that they did not understand why so many people were leaving. So I told them. I told them what the problems were and how they could help. They offered me a management position on the night before I was to start a supervisor position elsewhere. I have found that people will not bargain to keep you unless you literally have given your notice and are walking out. While experience is a big factor for major facilities, it is not a factor for companies that are not doing well. But be prepared to work, your job will be that much harder when you start. Also, as a manager I work 65-70 hours most weeks. Good luck to you! Let us know how your job hunting goes.
  4. i am responding because i feel so strongly about your situation. i am in a bsn program. one semester to go for me. however, i have witnessed three good people get crushed in school. the situation you have described very much sounded like them. at this point in time i feel that you are not ready. this program takes a high level of commitment and you have to be mentally prepared for that. try to get your life in order, seek the advice of a counsilor and attack the program when you are ready. you will be sucessful if you follow the right path (or create your own :) best of luck.
  5. Old posts are still read frequently by people wanting to know. Your post is appreciated and I think that is a good point. The more hands on experience you get, the better you should do as a nurse.
  6. That is great news! Thanks for the update.
  7. amn_carpenter

    UTHSCSA-Spring 09 Applicants

    I did apply at SAC but I won't get in because their point system is very different and they have a very high count of applicants. I really need my BSN and would like to get my MSN. But if I don't get an invite for an interview in the next month I think I'll go apply at Baptist. I have a family to take care of and I don't have much time to wait to get into a program. So, if I go into a certificate program I'll go from RN to MSN through UTHSCSA. They have ten slots for that program and they said that they are rarely filled.
  8. amn_carpenter

    UTHSCSA-Spring 09 Applicants

    Good Luck. I know it will take a month for the interview letters to come out. I have a high prereq GPA but a low overall so I'm not sure how good of a chance I actually have. Are you going to apply anywhere else?
  9. amn_carpenter

    UTHSCSA-Spring 09 Applicants

    I was wondering if there were any people applying for Spring 09 that wanted to share information and have someone to talk to. I applied and they sent my GPA report. It's wrong so I need to get them to fix it. There is an open house on Thursday, June 19th. Good luck to all.