Texas governor to residents: "The safest place for you is at your home" due Covid-19 spike

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Heard on broadcast news + CNN:

6/23/20 -Texas Reports All-Time Daily High: 5,489 New COVID-19 Cases. Houston hospital ICU's full.. Texas Chrildrens hospital will now admit adults. Change in tone from Governor Abbott --who's high risk for catching virus himself

Texas governor to residents: "The safest place for you is at your home"


As Texas sees its highest numbers of positive tests and hospitalizations, Gov. Greg Abbott advised residents of the state to stay at home.



"The hospitalization rate is at an all-time high," he said. "The coronavirus is serious. It's spreading in Brazos County, across the entire state of Texas."


Hope my Texas colleagues have enough PPE!

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2 minutes ago, damiorifice said:

Because coronavirus doesn’t transmit when you’re tightly packed together, marching, physically exerting, yelling, chanting, etc.... riiiight.

That wasn't the point made, only your characterization of the post.

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