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Texas Children's in Houston?


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Hi all,

I am a student applying to TX Children's for an externship this summer and was wondering if anyone had a take on the place. I looked through their website and it looks cool, I will be very excited if I get accepted. Thanks for any input! :)

Sorry, I only know what I've seen on the web site as well. Please post what you find out though. My gf is interested in working there following graduation. Thanks.

I know other nurses who currently work there. They seem to like it. Salaries are fairly high, they take great pride in being one of the best Pedi-hospitals around and some say that make some of the areas quite ...umm..how shall I say??...anal about little things. But if being anal makes them a safer place to be then it's probably not such a bad thing.

I did nursing school clinicals there a while ago and they were very supportive and helpful to all of us.

PM Me. I work at Texas Childrens. Been here 3 years now.


Hi! I work at Hermann Children's Hospital -- a lot of our nurses used to work there and they have told me they like us better! I like TCH, but if it doesn't work out, Hermann has a wonderful internship -- I just finished mine!

I did my peds rotation for HCC"s ADN program there...and the nurses were GREAT...even the dr's were great..but there is from my experience a definite chain of command thing in place.....we were not supposed to talk to the dr's AT ALL....

even when they WANTED us to ask questions and talk about dx's etc.....

but again...that was as a student nurse...so I can't say much about how it works once your licensed.


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I highly recommend TCH! I work there and the facility treats its employees very well. I love the staff, the benefits are awesome, and it is absolutely the most rewarding place. Of course I am partial, but I know for a fact that it is very hard to get on with TCH so if you have the opportunity to get on there, take it! It is a great place to be, especially for a new grad. Lots of learning due to it being a teaching hospital. HOpe this helps!


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I don't work at TCH, but . . . I have had LOTS of recent experience with their nurses and, to a nurse, it seems that everyone of them say they LOVE working there and many, many of them have been there for much longer than 5 yrs.

I'm impressed with how many have been there for so long.

It seems to me like it would be a great place to work, from an outsider's point of view, looking in.



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I did clinicals there (mostly in the NICU III) and I LOVED it. Most of the MDs were friendly and the RNs seemed happy. I love the atmosphere of TCH. Their summer externship was pretty darn picky, though.


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I don't work there (another Houston NICU called, interviewed and hired me before I heard from TCH and I love my current unit) but I have almost three decades of experience there as a patient.

It's an excellent place to be! A long-time TCH CNS was a huge role model and was one of the reasons that I became interested in nursing. Good to see that there are new nurses who like it as well!

Hi. I am new to this site, so I was not sure how to start a new thread, but I am planning on moving back home to Houston, Texas after being away for 17 years. I am currently living near Seattle Wa and will be graduating from nursing school this June. I was wondering what the starting pay was and what hospitals to apply to. Another question is should I take the NCLEX here or would it be easier to take it in Texas? Thanks for any comments.


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I do know if you take the NCLEX in TEXAS you get your result pretty quick. I got mine in a day. I don't know how Washington works. Starting pay within the Houston City limits is anywhere from 22-25 an hour depending on if you work outside the medical center or in the medical center. HOpe this helps!


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