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Hi guys!!!

I wanted to start a thread specifically for people waiting on ATT's in Texas.We graduated May 19th and the BON received our affidavits of graduation May 28th now I'm just waiting on my ATT.

For the people who have already received their ATT's ....How long did it take for you to receive it once the BON received your AOG?

Thanks in advance!


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submitted affidavit on 13th. Mine came two days ago which was the 28th. They say to allow for 15 business days.. Its ridiculous!


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I got mine a week after graduation.


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i graduated may 10th, affidavit of graduation was submitted may 10th, and i got my authorization to test via e-mail may 14th! (i'm in texas)


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You must be an El Centro grad, as am I. I called the bon, and like the previous poster said they said it might take 15 business days.


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Yes,I am an El Centro graduate.I'm still anxiously waiting for my ATT :sniff:.


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Hey - just wanted to let you know that we are in the same boat over here in AZ. Final grades were posted may 8th and we are still waiting for ATT. Called The BON on Friday and they said they just had received our certs from the college and they would put them in but it would take sometime because there were so many other school certs that were still being entered...... And here I thought I would test ASAP after I graduated ... Silly me !


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I'm still waiting too. How have you been studying. I've been using NCSBN Saunders PDA and ATI. I'm starting to get really nervous because I'm not doing well on the exams. On the ATI predictor it said I had a 99% chance of passing, but my confidence is shot.


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I'm doing Hurst and Kaplan. (I won a free 30 day online review with Hurst)

I'm starting to get discouraged too.I feel the longer I wait to test the less confident I become.


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Got my in a few months. Submitted everything in January and got my ATT in March.


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I must be crazy then to be hoping to get my ATT in NY soon. (I graduated in the end of June).


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Still waiting for my ATT.. graduated May 17th. BON received our AOG May 20th and nothing yet. I didn't think it was supposed to take this long