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Tested 1st NCLEX-RN today July 2, 2014, feeling down...


Tested today for NCLEX-RN. Computer shuts down at 86.

I started the exam at 0845 hours. and shuts off at 1100 hours.

I went home feeling devasted, as i feel that i failed the exam.

Did the PVT at 1400 hours, computer let me to the cc information.

Feeling down.

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let us know when you pass, because you WILL even if you have to repeat


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It's designed to get harder and harder, many people feel they failed.

Took my nclex pn yesterday July 1st 2014.

Finished at 85 q.

Checked the PVT few hours after went to CC page.

Felt so terrible.tried to check the site again and realized that they had some changes on the program code that started yesterday july 1st.I hope it changes the whole system program and that PVT is not working anymore.I really wanted to pass the exam and start my career as a US-RN.still hoping and praying.:unsure:

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Lots of fabulous nurses fail the exam the first time. You know what they call a nurse who passes the NCLEX on the second try? A NURSE!!!

I was shut off at 110. Cried the whole way home, exhausted from the stress and feeling there was no way I passed. But I did pass. One thing I noticed, I felt as if I aced the last dozen or so questions. If you feel that the last questions wer easy and you were doing good when it shut down, then maybe you were and the system finally had enough right answers. On the other hand, if you feel you were doing really bad at the end, then possibly it shut off early because the amount of wrong answers had finally reached a number where there was no chance of passing.

Well, try not to stress too much. Lots of people fail the first time, so big deal if you have to take it again. Haha, easy for me to say that now....! But really, just relax. You probably did really good!

Just remember; it's literally just a test. You went through school to learn what's on it.

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oopppsss! sorry for the super delayed response... took 3 years to reply. my apologies.

I failed! my first nclex rn exam... But God is with me, I had the courage to retake my nclex last year December 2016. Second take, I passed with 256 questions. I took it for almost 5 hours. Happy at last I passed my exam. Now I am on my journey of completing my US application thru a recruitment firm. Thank you for all your comments and encouragements! All are well appreciated. To God be the Glory!