Calling all Southwest Tennessee Community College 2012 Fall Hopefuls - page 8

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. How many are applying? I thought I would start a thread so we can all wait together, and get to know each other. I finished my special application today... Read More

  1. by   Dawn2012
    FutureRN I also worry about the over all applicants. I have been in classes with some very competitive students. To choose only 60 has me a bit on edge.
  2. by   annae2012
    I don't know what is right and what is wrong but all of it is stressing me out lol
  3. by   40 year old freshman
    I just called the Nursing School and asked when we should expect to hear if we are accepted. The lady who answered the phone told me we will receive a phone call sometime this month if accepted. No timetable just sometime this month.
  4. by   Dawn2012
    So we hope it is true that rejection letters have been sent out and take comfort in the fact we have not received one. I will stil be hesitant when looking in the mailbox until I know for sure.
  5. by   futureRNMena
    Sometime this month? 😭I can't take it y'all. I'm staying away from this blog until I get a letter or a call. I have gray hair dedicated to this stuff!
  6. by   annae2012
    I agree this is making me crazy!!!
  7. by   codyandmollymom
    Hey Hopefuls, I was at Southwest today...wondering if I should register for classes this simply get out.....or accept at Baptist ($$$$$) or Memphis ($$$)! I am eligible for the Phi money is I complete this A.S. degree, and I only have two more classes to take...then it won't be so painful to buddy, (Ms. S aw) don't want to name-drop, was mortified...she said the committee had met...they have the list...and to her knowledge she has sent the rejection letters. She could not say if I was admitted, and I didn't ask...cause I like her so much. I guess this is good news, although, it doesn't feel very good at this moment...the waiting, planning and all around bull is putting me over the edge. This committee knows that students need to accept at other schools by next week....what are they waiting for!!!!! Good luck to everyone...and if anybody gets that!!
  8. by   codyandmollymom
    Hey Hopefuls, I've just been going to the last comment first to see if there are any, I just got done reading the last couple of pages...for those of you with indexes on the edge..don't count yourselves out. My friend who started last fall said 12...didn't accept, because they were going to other programs. They might not have an alternate list..but..she reports some folks were phoned as late as they have some idea who they are going to phone, they can't possibly want a class that is not full to start...doesn't make sense! I was rejected in the spring because they couldn't find a transcript that they had the receipt be diligent, and you have the chance to challenge them. I was apologized to...but, not admitted; yet they insisted I reapply for the fall. Who knows...when I challenged them about the spring admission...I was told, I only had a slightly competitive index, mine is 68.5. I think they do this simply because they can...and it is not fair. I have examined all the programs in the Memphis area...I really liked the program in Arkansas, East Arkansas Community is in Forrest City..about 30 minutes from the bridge. Their deadline date is May isn't too expensive even out of state...not much more than, for those of you who are afraid SW isn't going to be an answer for you...don't waste time...apply across the bridge and figure out a car-pool. I really wished I had done so...I'd be one year ahead of myself at this point! Anyone with a 55 index can do well in any of these is just a number...and 95% of us will get the work done and pass regardless whether we had a 70, 62, or 58...keep me posted...and those of you who think you didn't get ain't over till the fat-bald-guy who wears dresses and gym shoes sings!!!!
  9. by   futureRNMena
    Okay the thing only I got from this is that waiting til June ruins my chances to get scholarship apps in by May as I have to have been accepted to apply which SUCKs. Even the one from my employer....
  10. by   futureRNMena
    I thought Memphis apps waited until June.... Never heard that from SW apps....
  11. by   codyandmollymom
    That's now exactly what I meant...I think SW will call this month, hopefully, this week. My point was...for Fall 2011 class, according to someone I trust...some students were phoned as late as June...having been rejected. In my mind this means...others who were admitted...chose to not attend SW. Because all these schools do this # game...they leave such a little window for acceptance...they scramble in the end. It really sucks when you are applying for scholarship because you have to be IN to be eligible...I feel for you. What makes me both Baptist and Memphis...I knew within three weeks...Memphis's app. was due Feb. 15...I knew March 5...and they were kind enough to not only phone...but, send a letter; Baptist sort of has a more open policy...their app. close date is May 1...but they do a rolling I knew within 2 weeks...which is so much better, Each of these schools financial aid departments contacted me..made sure the FASFA was up to date...explained HOPE scholarship in detail for the non-traditional student..etc...and basically gave me an estimated figure for I could make an informed choice. Why SW waits is beyond me...My advice would be apply for everything...hopefully, we will hear soon. I would take the scholarship criteria to admissions @ SW...(where Dr. Tosh) is in charge, be charming...and ask for advice on completing the process, since you haven't heard to date. I bet you find out immediately...and I really hope it is good news. That's what I would do...these programs aren't cheap...and they know it!
  12. by   olivia91
    I've always heard they call on the first or last day of the week and since this last week was a short week maybe that means they'll call Monday for us to sign our package on Friday.. I'm probably being too hopeful.
  13. by   Dawn2012
    That is what I have been thinking too.