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  1. No. I was just sharing the experience that alot of us had when we received "the call" back in November. GOOD LUCK to you guys!!!!
  2. If you think that's bad, just wait until she calls (and she WILL be the person calling) to give you the good news and then makes you feel awful for being excited. LOLLLLL she needs to stop her mess!!!
  3. The phone call will come from a number that starts with 333-XXXX. I hope that helps :-) Man o Man do I remember the days of waiting. Good luck to all of you!!
  4. FON is Monday and Tuesday nights while Dosages is every other Wednesday night. We will be there on Tuesday night for sure. So how did your first day go? Good Luck to you.
  5. sbrbh10....Your well wishes are definitely appreciated. You have been such a tremendous help. Good luck to you as well!!!
  6. I received them yesterday after I emailed her because I was starting to get concerned at how long it was taking. You should get them today. If not, email her for sure.
  7. Hey there. I sent you a PM. As always I appreciate your input!
  8. Thanks for recommending Kimmie Meza. She was awesome!!! I loved the one on one interaction. If any of you haven't been certified yet, I would definitely recommend Kimmie.
  9. thanks for that info scifihippie. one other thing I couldn't understand about the Dosages and Solutions class where is says part class/part online. What does that mean actually?
  10. hello sbrbh10....i just sent you a PM. Thanks!!
  11. Hi there. Would you mind telling us exactly what books you didn't use that where on the "MUST HAVE" list?
  12. Yes, I was able to get the 7:20pm classes Mon-Wed with the Saturday clinical. But I wondered if that was set in stone since the classes are not yet listed on my personal calandar for Spring 2011. I guess they will go over that plus the 50 million other questions all of us have during orientation.
  13. This is why I went with Heart to Heart. I did speak with one of the Foundations instructors who suggested the BLS certification. All of the hospitals accept the BLS (which does include CPR/AED certification) Now why this isn't stated in our acceptance package I HAVE NO IDEA!! That's why it is good to know people and to have access to this site. Thanks for pointing that out again scifihippie. Hopefully someone will listen and take heed to the advice from someone who has been where we are trying to go.
  14. LOL @ Xander what you are envisioning sounds more candy striper-ish! ummmm NO! I think you are in a big disappointment once you see the skirt in question. The epitome of hot mess if I've ever seen one. Then it's is knee length. Also, I just set up an appointment with the lady at Heart to Heart. She told me she does the full BLS (which includes everything we need and more) and the certification is good for 2 years. She said that she is also AHA certified. The appointment time is 2pm on 1-3-10. She did say she had more spaces available. Her price is 85.00. Her phone number is 901-628-3310 if anyone else is interested.
  15. Hi fleur.....I know you said the trill has worn off but I have a story that can/will maybe make some of us forget what we are facing for a moment....and laugh. Background...I love clothes and shoes!!!!!!!! Everyone that knows me knows that I am a "fashionista". So my mom calls after she viewed the uniform website and the one thing that she lovedl....the white skirt!!!!!! My mom had the nerve to say that I can get some cute "nurse" boots to go with the skirt. Can someone please tell me what nurse boots are/what they look like? I've never in life heard of such. This is really puzzling/offending me at the same time. Someone please help!!!!