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i from the chi town and i here a lot about baptist hospital. what is the starting pay for new grads, and how is the hospital in general? i want to relocate to memphis next summer, do they do phone... Read More

  1. by   meandragonbrett
    Baptist Hospital in Nashville is not part of Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation that is headquartered in Memphis.
  2. by   MrsHarrison0526
    Well, I have been an intern for Baptist East, and I have now signed with them, the floor I am on has a 14 week long orientation. As far as CNA's/PCA's go, the only time I notice that they are short is on the weekends, the same with secretaries, I worked in the float pool so I saw all the different floors, and of course I have seen bad patient ratios, but I have seen acceptable ratios too. You will have bad days anywhere you work, I say this now, I suppose we'll see after working for a month or two!
  3. by   Memphis_RN
    I can't vouch for floor nurses, but in ICU we have 2 poss 3 pts and do not work like "dogs". In fact soem nights I can read a whole book.
  4. by   Chisca
    2 of my children were born at Baptist East and both times my wife saw a nurse once a shift. The staffing was what I would consider unsafe and I cannot say it was abnormal because it was like that both times. The nurses were stretched way too thin.
  5. by   hisblueskies
    I work at LeBonheur and we get many nurses from Baptist who basically say the same thing. Salary was good but pt ratios were unsafe and the hospital is not considered nurse friendly. I've never worked there but I hear alot of unkind things said about the hospital.
  6. by   futureRNMena
    I was recently set to interview for a volunteer position at Baptist Desoto. Sadly enough she failed to meet me for our interview. I left messages, still no contact from her. I cant imagine chasing someone down to work for free but i really want the experience. I'm a student finishing my undergrad in biology and would have liked to get my feet wet while applying for schools in 2009. It was very discouraging.
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  7. by   BodyGuard
    I know this is an old post... but, if you're trying to get in the CCRNA program..some lines move faster than others depending on who you are and who you know. Just a warning. Nothing has changed from 3 years ago.