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I am a CNA and work for a company that provides Senior Nursing Care.. I am an independant contractor. You prob already know who the employer is. My experience with them has been positive in that they have never complained about my work performance and have called me constantly for jobs. I had to tell themn that I didn't want to work any "ongoing" jobs b/c I wanted to enjoy my summer. but they would still call and ask me. So.. today I had a job that was 2 pts. and 1 had a cath, pwb and was "needy". Understandable, this person is upper 80's and depressed. His wife is independant and needed minimal assistance. Needless to say I bathed the man, the wife fixed his meals, I helped her a bit with it. Groomed his hair, assisted him with change of clothes, toileting.. etc. you get the pic. I left cleaned up everything and we bid each other farewell. He even told me good luck with my nursing career. The agency came back and told me that they were dissastified with my performance and were not going to pay me. They then went on to say that ALL my reviews have been extremely negative. So they were terminating me. HUH? I was absolutely shocked. I worked for them about 3 mos and did 1 case last year. In most of my cases the ppl asked if I would come back. The whole "not going to pay me" has got me more than hott! I will wait to see if they do, but I am totally dismayed by the whole thing and wondering why did they ask, even sometimes plead with me to take cases if my reviews were all negative? The employer and I had a good repoire, they are all women, even singing my name and smiling brightly when I walked in the office.:bowingpur

I think it's a good idea to ask for performance reviews in writing if its not stipulated up front.

Thanks for listening.

fuzzywuzzy, CNA

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They have to pay you. It's illegal not to.


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That's true. They can terminate you but they have to pay you if you already worked. If they refuse call your state's Better Business Bureau.


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yeah really, something doesnt sound right, and there stupid if they think they dont have to pay you when you have already worked come on now. well i hope that everything works out for you!


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Call the better business bureau and then call them back and demand to be paid!

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They have to pay you.

As for the negative is entirely unacceptable to not tell someone if they are getting some things wrong. I don't care if you are an independent contractor or not.

Before going nuts I think you should find out what is in these reviews. Contact this company and say that as an independent contractor you strive to provide quality care and would be grateful to learn from your experience with them. I know it sounds like bull but I would do it.

After you have the info you need then kick their butt about not paying you. If you choose. Personally I wouldn't go further than a stiff letter to them as it would be a lot of trouble.

Now, what these reviews say may be crapola but there is not a person I know who can't learn something from a negative review. So don't dismiss them out-of-hand.

By the way, my experience is that patients can be adorable to someone's face and then turn around a lodge a complaint. I have worked with techs who loved their patients and thought the feeling was mutual only to get complaints via the nursing supervisor. These are people who clearly have no idea how to look after their own needs. One wonders why, if you are in their house, they couldn't say "I prefer such and such" or whatever.

People just don't know how to be direct anymore and, as a consequence, many people are not learning how to receive direct feedback and take it in their stride.

I am so sorry this was your experience. What a bunch of idiots.


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I agree with everyone. However, I would contact the DOL not the BBB. The DOL (Department of Labor) will get your money back. But first, have copies of your time sheet to show proof that you work said hours, then write a stiff little letter advising the employer that you demand your pay for the hours you worked. Then follow-up with the DOL if no response is received from the agency. The BBB only handle compiants about business practice not wage. I worked in HR for 7 years and have my degree in HR Mgmt - now RN

Now listen here. You are a healthcare professional, striving to give quality care, not a frickin' waitress gettin stiffed on a tip. You can fight it, and you should, because it's a load of crap. Like everyone else said, you worked those hours, so you deserve that money; if I were you, I'd start making phone calls.

As for the bad reviews, I don't see it as a good reason to fire you. If you seem like you have a respectful attitude and sweet disposition to them, then they should go off of that; aside from perhaps suspected elder abuse or something like that, they should take the reviews with a grain of salt. I mean, I'm not saying they should disregard their opinion all together; it's like someone else said: residents can say one thing to your face and another behind your back. Perhaps you didn't do something EXACTLY the way they like it, but it should've been acceptable anyway. Is that something to fire you over? Of course not. Not to mention half of these people or more are confused, and/or don't even WANT your care, so how can the company expect them to say the greatest things about you? I had a lady tell me to go to hell once, so if my job had relied on her, I'm sure I would've been in trouble.

Anyway, in a nutshell, this is crap and even though you may not be able to get your job back, you should at least get paid for what you've already done. Good luck.


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Thanks for all the great responses and I did call them and tell them that they can 'investigate' the complaint to their hearts delight, I, however, expect my pay. They said it would happen. The person who fired me said that she would speak to me in person, about the negative reviews, but I was soo hurt by what happened and felt that it would be just a lie, I asked to speak to the owner. This is an independently owned franchise. This guys says, well "she's the coordinator and if she says u go..." in so many words. I think maybe there was a personal axe to grind. I dunno, but I kinda put it behind me. I think that going forward I will ask the ppl when I leave my shift, if they are satisfied with the care that I am giving them instead of relying on the appreciative smiles I get. I am concerned about them giving a negative reference also. I just want to put it all behind me.

Thanks all.

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