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  1. littlenursingmommy

    how many cna's plan to continue their education?

    Yaaay, I'm different! lol Instead of going for my RN like I was originally going to do, I'm currently enrolled in school for occupational therapy. I didn't flip through all of the pages, so I don't know if anyone else is planning on doing it,but it's sooo similar to CNA so my current job will be a nice transition for me. I like it because it has so much more freedom than nursing, in the sense that I get a chance to exercise my creativity when problem solving and helping people accomplish their personal goals. And it doesn't pay too shabby either. I'm pretty stoked about it.
  2. littlenursingmommy

    CNA's Have to Be Thrifty......How Do You Stretch a Dollar?

    I am the budgeting queen. I don't know about you guys, but I have a 2-year-old daughter, so my money is VEEEERY tight. we buy boxes of correl plates, (cheap and cute) LOTS of tubaware, and everything non-perishable comes in bulk. (ESPECIALLY diapers.) We're also big fans of energy saving light bulbs and extension cords, so that we can quickly unplug everything as we leave the house; by avoiding excess room in our apartment, (it's veeery small) we save tons and tons on our utility bills. I even had my dad come in and insulate everything for me; it was well worth it. Food wise, we try and buy non-perishables such as hamburger helper, pasta sides and rice to go alongside whatever we're eating that night. Once again, buying in bulk pays off; a jumbo pack of chicken or a few extra lbs of hamburger can always go in the freezer, so I try and take advantage of any deals my local grocery store has. almost everything else comes from the dollar store...soap, shampoo, toilet paper/paper towels, baby wipes, some clothes, etc....scrubs are another story for me though, because I'm 5'1 and 100 lbs. The extra smalls are even a little too long for me, and I have ZERO luck finding them at any place besides uniform outlets.
  3. littlenursingmommy

    Question about occupied bed

    Always, always, always wear gloves when making an occupied bed; if they are in bed, I can almost promise you they are incontinent. (Plus it's a great opportunity to go ahead and change the depends, if need be.) In the real world, when and how often you use gloves can be (to an extent) gauged by you--some facilities are more uptight than others about it. I personally wear gloves any time there's even a CHANCE of coming in contact with fluids, which there most certainly is one with the occupied bed--it's not only a chance; it's a probability. When it comes to the state test, it depends on your state. However, you most certainly wouldn't LOSE points for wearing gloves, so I would go ahead and wear them if I were you.
  4. littlenursingmommy

    Tell me what U think?

    Now listen here. You are a healthcare professional, striving to give quality care, not a frickin' waitress gettin stiffed on a tip. You can fight it, and you should, because it's a load of crap. Like everyone else said, you worked those hours, so you deserve that money; if I were you, I'd start making phone calls. As for the bad reviews, I don't see it as a good reason to fire you. If you seem like you have a respectful attitude and sweet disposition to them, then they should go off of that; aside from perhaps suspected elder abuse or something like that, they should take the reviews with a grain of salt. I mean, I'm not saying they should disregard their opinion all together; it's like someone else said: residents can say one thing to your face and another behind your back. Perhaps you didn't do something EXACTLY the way they like it, but it should've been acceptable anyway. Is that something to fire you over? Of course not. Not to mention half of these people or more are confused, and/or don't even WANT your care, so how can the company expect them to say the greatest things about you? I had a lady tell me to go to hell once, so if my job had relied on her, I'm sure I would've been in trouble. Anyway, in a nutshell, this is crap and even though you may not be able to get your job back, you should at least get paid for what you've already done. Good luck.
  5. littlenursingmommy

    CNA Exam -- Anyone have trouble finding the pulse?

    Also from Ohio, so I got to start over on skills too...pulse wasn't one of mine, but I did occasionally have trouble finding it in clinicals; I've found that the key is adding the right amount of pressure. Too little or too much and you won't feel it; don't be afraid to press a little bit, but don't go too, TOO rough either. By the way, I also had trouble finding it if there were too many distractions in the room-- even though you're not "listening" for anything, it's really easy to lose it if you're in a noisy room.
  6. littlenursingmommy

    When/how do you apply soap when doing perineal care/bedbaths?

    Hey, you're absolutely right; when it comes to the state test, there's no messin around. But trust me, peri care is definitely one of the more common sense ones....the only thing you need to know about the soap specifically is that you apply it to the wet rag. Everything else would probably be done the same way as the wipe. If I were you, I'd see if your state has one of those little booklets with a step-by-step guide. Good luck with your state test! :)
  7. littlenursingmommy

    When/how do you apply soap when doing perineal care/bedbaths?

    Pretty much the exact way you wash your stuff...fold rag in fourths, wet it, apply soap, flip rag if need be, especially on a woman.....though I can't believe you'd go through a whole program without learning how to peri care. or is it the soap in particular? P.S, not sure about your state, but our state has a little booklet with step-by-step, specific instructions for the state test.
  8. littlenursingmommy

    Question about perineal care for a male?? Please help!

    On the man I did, we didn't have to elevate the hips at all...like someone said, you turn them on their side to do their behind, but other than that, you should be fine without raising the hips, which should be avoided if possible any way...just from picturing my self in that situation, it's so much more comfortable if they're laying on a nice warm towel or sheet, as opposed to a big plastic bed pan.
  9. littlenursingmommy

    Having trouble....

    Thanks everyone...I'm finding that last google link especially helpful; I DID google "stna jobs ohio," but I didn't think to just look at nursing home websites, whether they're advertising a job or not...I'm going to start applying in person; I feel that if I do that, I'm dressed nice, I give off a good impression, etc, they might give me some instant feedback, especially at the ones that I reaaallly want. I'm definitely now going to start applying for part-time positions as well; I'll just tell them that in the long run, I wish to work full time, but part time is better than NO time, right? I also thought about taking a phlebotomy course at my school, just to increase my marketability. What do you think, good idea? or a waste of time and money?
  10. littlenursingmommy

    Having trouble....

    ...finding a job. I'm in Dayton, OH, and it seems like so few places are hiring...I applied to what I COULD find, and haven't heard back from any of them, because I'm (admittedly) not that hire-able. I have no work experience, and all of the places I applied to PREFERRED, not required, a year of experience...which means some experienced aide probably got the job. I have a friend who works at a local nursing home, so I'm going to dress up a bit and go apply in person, and I'm also going to apply to my clinical site, even though they're only currently hiring part-time...a job's a job, right? And maybe they'll let me pick up hours after my probation period, ya know? But still, I'm a bit discouraged. I thought the hard part was over, and in a way, it is...if I hadn't passed my state test, I wouldn't even be here applying for jobs. Is any one else having the same trouble? Is there ANY THING I can do to compensate for my lack of experience?
  11. littlenursingmommy

    I learned something cool! little tricks to make life easier

    I got to see an aide change depends without removing the pants when I was at clinicals; it was a neat trick...she actually showed me twice and I STILL don't get exactly how she did it. I'm wondering one thing though...how "creative" are you allowed to get when you're a newbie? Reason why I ask...when I was at clinicals, (and yes, I know that clinicals are pretty textbook matter-of-fact) we had a lady that would NEVER let us do her peri care when we changed her catheter. So, I convinced her to let me wash her without actually lifting up her skirt, and I got my head ripped off. Still not sure why. Anyway, back to my original question...will the facility get upset if the newbies try out any "tricks?"
  12. littlenursingmommy

    Where to go from here...that is the question

    So, I just passed my state test last saturday. SUPER STOKED! It feels like the hardest part is over, and a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Getting a job actually seems like a REALITY now! So now, I'm just wondering where to apply and when...I'm in Dayton, OH, and it seems like there are CNAs EVERYWHERE here! There are just a few problems I'm having, that I'm going to be totally honest about. 1. The most minor of them all...I'm going to school for occupational therapy, and have to have the job bend around my schedule a bit. If I could just be a weekend warrior, that would be great. 2. I don't drive, but I DO have a reliable mode of transportation, so that shouldn't be a HUGE issue. 3. This is the big one.....when I was younger, I bounced between relatives a LOT, moved around, switched schools, etc. It got so bad that I dropped out when I was 16. The last highschool I went to was in Columbus, for a day so I could officially withdraw, and I don't remember the name of it. Here's the good news...I DID get my GED last year. (obviously, or I wouldn't be in college.) I just don't know what to put in the "highschool" section, and I don't just want to leave it blank....it looks bad. But truly, I have bettered myself. I have a 4.0, for christ's sake, so this is very frustrating...I need this job. Any advice???
  13. littlenursingmommy

    Lost my job....

    I sympathize with you entirely, but from a completely unbiased perspective, I must be honest....it's your responsibility to call work; I know that in an emergency situation, this is difficult, but you can still probably manage a 5 minute phone call before your scheduled shift. That, and more importantly, it sounds like your boss could've had mercy on you when she was sitting and thinking. If she was going to fire you, she probably would've done so right off. But you decided that sitting and waiting for her answer was a waste of your time, so yes, you basically quit. And I'm sure that your next potential employer will most certainly call your boss(es) and ask them about it, so my advice would be to claim that you quit and tell them why. Good luck on your job hunt.
  14. littlenursingmommy

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    PASSED!!! And get this...I passed with ONE SECOND left on the clock! Aside from handwashing, I had denture care, vest restraint, ted sock and occupied bed. The stockings and the occupied bed were byfar my WORST area in clinicals, so I was terrified. I did fine up until I got to the vest restraint.....my mind went blank and I forgot how to do the ******* knots! :angryfire It took me 10 minutes to figure it out, and by the time I got done, I only had 4 minutes to do an occupied bed....I figured I was pretty much done for, and just tried to finish as best as I could. Well, that was the quickest occupied bed I've ever made, and it was BEAUTIFUL if I do say so myself. 100% mistake free, for once. I gave her the call light, removed gloves, washed hands, and as SOON as I announced that I was done, the clock beeped. I was still pretty convinced that I'd failed, but I just saw the results yesterday...passed with flying colors.
  15. littlenursingmommy

    Does this annoy you too?

    I have a 2 year old daughter, and I always have to sneak in the door because I won't let her TOUCH me until I have the scrubs off, and she gets offended. After they're off, I stuff them in a plastic bag, toss them down the shoot and wash the hell out of my hands. My neighbor is a respiratory therapist, and one day she hugged her grandson before taking off her scrubs...couple days later, he's got a GIANT abscess on his face, and had to be treated for MRSA. Scary stuff.
  16. littlenursingmommy

    Does this annoy you too?

    Around here, it's almost ALWAYS highschool students, OR older women trying to look like the little highschool students. As far as good looking scrubs go, we actually do have some pretty cute ones here.....I'm sure there's a correlation between the cute scrubs and the scrubs trend. (In other words, now that girls are wearing them, Walmart can make money off of them.) I'm actually surprised that I'm the only one noticing this...it seems like it's EVERYWHERE here, especially downtown. Eh, who knows? The stupidest trend I've ever encountered was when I was in 6th grade....for a short minute, it was "cool" to NOT brush your hair in the morning and just come in looking all nasty. Then when I got into highschool, everyone wore bandanas and hideously bright BRIGHT blue eyeshadow, with or without glitter. What really irks me is when something I've loved for a long time suddenly becomes a trend. For example, I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with the Beatles...I've loved them all the way back to when I listened to Breakfast with the Beatles every sunday morning, when my Dad would take me to work with him....and then, whaddaya know? Walmart starts selling old school Beatles logo t-shirts, and suddenly it's the next "thing." Or hell, even NURSING has become a trend lately. I can't COUNT all the people in my school that are majoring in nursing. Great career? Yes. But I must question the motives of the girls I knew through highschool that had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives until the nursing "trend" came around. ugh...sorry...little bit of a rant. lol I feel better now.