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A friend of mine had an interview last year and she was given scenarios and had to decide what protocol to use w/ the option of:

have pt go straight to the ER

make an appt for the pt

or call the doctor to consult

Did anyone else have similar interview experiences?

My interview is soon and I want to be as prepared as possible.

Can anyone offer any other interview pointers?

Thanks in advance! :)


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I didn't think I'd enjoy my job; however I do! Yes, it's stressful. Yes, patients and/ or families are rude. However, they're the minority and I'm not looking at them

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I start training at Kaiser Vallejo on Monday! Nervous but excited.


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Hi Kimbalou!!

How do you like working at Kaiser Vallejo? I have an interview coming up soon. PM if you preferred. Thanks in advance.


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I like doing triage/advice because it's mentally challenging. All nursing jobs have its pros and cons; however most patients/ caregivers are very appreciative.

Would love to work from home; however it's great working alongside nurses from a variety of specialties. We're able to help one another and ease some of the nervousness; especially for a new nurse like myself (4 years experience).

What is the call simulation and typing test about ( give detail explanation/ guidelines)? Is the behavioral test like other behavioral test, "what would you do .....? can you help ease the anxiety? I know it is nothing but it is still there . the math/ pharm test was alright after a review. I have never done this type of nursing before. I am excited.


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Hi! Is there a possibility of a work from home for this position? I would really appreciate your response. Thanks!

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You cant work at home for Kaiser call center.


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Does the KP OnCall have work-at-home options?

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I have a question; do you have something to refer to so that you can see what kind of advice to give? If you are not sure about advice to give the person, can you look it up while on the phone? I am thinking that the advice that the nurses give out should be pretty much standardized across the board...? Thanks

Hey there! I know this is an old post, but I'm really curious about the California Kaiser telemed RN positions. Are you still considered a union nurse and if so, is your pay scale the same as a staff nurse? How hard is it to snag a day shift and do they offer part time? I'm afraid of losing my bedside skills and am contemplating doing per diem in the ED, but if I didn't stay per diem, how hard would it be to go back to the bedside after several years of only doing call center work. I have 3 years experience in a level 1 ED, but no pedi experience. Do you think that's okay? Also, is it business casual or do people sport scrubs? Thanks! :)

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Me too!! My career has been NiCU as well! Let me know if you like it. Thanks!

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