Teachers retiring because of COVID

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We have approached out Admin team about putting us on salary. I have over 1100 students here at my elementary school , over 600 at the High School. Which has their own nurse. I took a huge paycut to come here from the hospital, since I am hourly. NO pay for holidays, summers, fall break , Spring breaks ect. We do receive Cares Act money for E learning days, if we have no work to do in our office. I guess it evens out, the hours vs pay and flexibility, but it would till be nice to get pain all year round!

Any thoughts out there....??

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So....we spread out our 10 months of school year over 12 months (which then includes holidays, breaks and Summer break). In our district we don't have a choice; in other districts it is a choice. My 187-day contract starts  8/1, runs to 5/31, and does not include holidays or breaks. I am not sure if you need a raise or to be salaried. 1100 in elementary is quite a lot!

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My contract days  197 starting Aug 1 -2nd week in June. I am paid for 10 months but it is split between 12 months so I do not go without pay during Summer. My school day is 7:15 to 3:45

  I get 40 hours a week. If I happen to go over because of no lunch or things are crazy. I let my comp time build and use that for early release days or teacher work days.  I get the same number of personal days as the teachers in my district. I am the only school "nurse" for a district of approx 750 prek-12.

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On 12/2/2020 at 1:58 PM, linderl said:

I just started at our school system last year. Crazy as it was, this year is a little better. A lot of e learning days. Is anyone out there salary paid?

If so how much?

I'm salary. 45 hours per week (I work 7:30-4:30 as I work after school to cover students that are here usually in the non COVID times for tutoring, clubs), up to 195 days per school year. My contract runs August 1 to July 31, but per the contract I'm expected to work no more 5 days (can be less if I close the the year successfully quickly) after the last day of school. I'm usually in a few days after the last day just to do the things like defrost my freezer and finish the inventory for next year (submitting my start of the year school order for the next year is due by the end of June).

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We had lots of teacher retirements and resignations. The powers that be could not believe the numbers that left, but the way things are being handled, it seems like no one is taking into consideration how the teachers feel, and they are making a mass exodus. We started the year with about 90 vacancies. The superintendent is pushing for all students to return with COVID numbers skyrocketing. I'm already hearing of another mass exodus.... 

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On the up side - what a great opportunity for new teachers. On the down side - yeah. Nobody to mentor the teachers. Nobody to show them the way. They will learn habits this year that aren't maybe applicable to non-pandemic years.

Same with our new nurses. There's a flood of nurses who only have sim lab skills and they're getting ICU jobs. I mean - if they survive this, amazing.