Tattoos in healthcare


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My company has a policy that all ink and non ear piercings be covered. I think that is crazy. I have seen employees with bandaids on their faces and large gauze pads taped to their arms and necks. I would rather see self expression than wonder what nasty infection they might have while caring for me!

Morainey, BSN, RN

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When I got my tattoos I made sure that they could be hidden by scrubs. Best compromise in my opinion. :D


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Anyone here who practice in Manitoba, Canada that has tattoo?

I personally feel like many people here said, as long as the tattoos are offensive or very large in visible places then they are acceptable. I myself have four tattoos but I have them in places that can be covered. I want a tattoo on the inside of my wrist, but I fear that it is not very professional or becoming in this profession for some employers.

calivianya, BSN, RN

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I've never heard of a hospital around here allowing visible tattoos, but maybe that's just my area. I have some coworkers with ink on their arms but they have to wear long sleeves to cover it or risk getting sent home or even possibly losing their jobs. I have a classmate who's getting a rather large tattoo done on his upper arm that extends to his elbow and he just got hired by the same hospital in the OR... I wonder what's going to happen to him when they realize he has ink that won't be covered up because you can't wear your own personal long sleeves in the OR. I hope he makes it through okay, but I'm personally not holding my breath. Some places are just stricter than others.

kguill975, MSN, APRN, NP

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I have a lot of ink, it's never been a problem. I have a bracelet, that's covered by a wide band watch. In the OR that I work in, we have a tech with full sleeves, and it's not a problem.

Well, here we have people who have tattoos but if corporate comes down, they have to find shirts to cover up.

We have two doctors with tattoos and a few nurses. Most can be covered up with shirts though