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ian_onymous specializes in MedSurg.

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  1. ian_onymous

    Clinical Competence Assessment (CCA)

    Hi Jmariel, Your inbox is full so I couldn't send my personal message to you. Let me know when you've cleared some space there. I'm more than happy to share you my experience.
  2. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Just want to share with you guys that I passed the Oct CRNE. :-)
  3. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Congratulations! Hopefully we'll get our results next week.
  4. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Will wait for you guys in whatsapp :)
  5. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    I thought Toronto's last to recieve? What happened to our Whatsapp plan?
  6. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Lets do that whatsapp
  7. ian_onymous

    Where are you from?

    Got my BScN from The Philippines, took few courses at Red River College, Winnipeg, MB and just wrote the CRNE last Oct 1sr.
  8. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    no results as of yet
  9. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    anyone here from Manitoba?
  10. ian_onymous

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    The questions were both hard and easy but some of the answers were tricky. I do not know what to expect.
  11. ian_onymous

    Question about the CCA in Manitoba. Help!

    It depends on the result of your assessment. If they deem that you need further studies, they'll ask you to take Bridging Program. But if the other way around, they'll let you know when can you write the CRNR right away.
  12. Hi everyone! I had my CCA last May 2013 and I was referred for the Bridging Program for IEN at Red River College but they said that I can't enroll till Aug 2014. Other people here who are in the same situation as mine? I applied for LPN at CLPNM because I thought It'll be quick for me to get into the medical field but my CCA will still be sometime in 2014.
  13. ian_onymous

    Have you faced any discrimination as a student?

    Throughout my college years up to now, female nurses like have male nurses around esp physical tasks female nurses cant do. It's kind of nice to have a little battle of the sexes as who it better at "shooting" in cannulation. And it always end up the male nurses are better (in our unit). Not trying to stir the pot here, ladies. Lol
  14. ian_onymous


    Congratulations! Was the CCA hard? Can you give me some insights on it?
  15. ian_onymous


    I do hope they'll let you write the CLPNE. Break a leg! :-)
  16. ian_onymous

    "I don't want an admit..."

    When I am charge nurse with 2 RNs with me, I would usually help them as well to lessen their workload. After all, we are a team and I want to get things done in a timely manner.

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