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The day has come and I am literally freaking out! I've managed to complete the nursing program and enjoy the last month of freedom until all of a sudden the NCLEX-RN was less than a week away. I don't feel prepared, I don't feel like I studied enough and I have no clue how I'm going to cope with the anxiety (postrxadmin).

I purchased Uworld in July but only took a couple of their tests because I was still in school and didn't give much time to it. I completed what my school required and then graduated in August. Almost 3 weeks went by and I had only completed a few more tests on Uworld. When the 1-week to take the NCLEX popped up, I felt extreme anxiety and even foolish for not utilizing my time more wisely. I had already started the BSN program, was writing papers and doing assignments for that class while picking up where life left off 2.5 years. Studying for the NCLEX wasn't on the top of my list to do.

3 days ago, I started studying HARD and refreshing my knowledge with labs and basic fundamental steps. I took the Uworld assessment and scored a very low 52% with a borderline chance of passing the NCLEX. Let's just say the anxiety sunk in a bit deeper. For 2 days I've listened to every Mark Klimek lecture, took notes, and completed 1,000 questions from Uworld test bank. I am about to take the 2nd and LAST assessment before taking the NCLEX tomorrow and this feeling is overwhelming. I've scoured forums looking for hope and have been back and forth with them.

Heres to my journey, either way!

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Well, you can't go back and study more now...but you might want to brush up on pharmacology.

There will be questions that have multiple answers that sound correct, choose the most correct.

When all else fails, think ABCs (or CABs...whatever they're saying these days) and safety, safety, safety.

Good luck.

I just completed the 2nd assessment in Uworld... scored a 56% that placed me in the 47th percentile with a high chance of passing NCLEX.

I am sitting in front of Pearson Vue waiting to go sit for my NCLEX-RN...The day has come, I am alive and well... Thank God for allowing me to come this far in my life and pray for everything I've learned these past 3 years to come to mind as I sit and rest...

Her goes nothing!

Here's an update..

The NCLEX looked exactly like Uworld. The questions being asked were odd in my opinion. I don't think any of the stuff I studied was even on there. I have no idea if I passed or not. I completed at 150 questions. I did the PVT & received a good pop up.

So, now I wait.

I don't think anyone walks away from the NLEX feeling good. I felt like I guessed at a majority of the questions. I had 77 and about 1/3 were SATA. Only 3 were pharm and by some miracle I knew the answers. The good pop up is an encouraging sign. Try to relax until you get the results - there's nothing else that can be done. Good luck!

This wait is killing me!!!

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If you're in FL you can pay for quick results. Also, I had my FL license the day after passing the NCLEX, so I would check on Monday.

Checked quick results today & I PASSED!!!!!!!

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Congratulations to you, RN.

Best of luck! YOU GOT THIS!

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