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  1. LPN1118

    2 full-time jobs?

    Are you able to work full time while going to school? I know here in CT after you pass a nursing class or 2, you can take the state exam for CNA. IF you can get a full time CNA job somewhere, maybe you can eventually get tuition reimbursement if you still have a few years of classes left.
  2. LPN1118

    2 full-time jobs?

    If you really need a second job - a Baylor position would be good to help pay debts. You work 24 hours and get paid for 32. The exact hours may vary but you get paid for more hours than you work.
  3. LPN1118

    Do you renew both LPN and RN licenses?

    That a bummer. Kinda puts more pressure on me to find a new job within the next 2 months.
  4. LPN1118

    Taking NCLEX-RN tomorrow!

    I don't think anyone walks away from the NLEX feeling good. I felt like I guessed at a majority of the questions. I had 77 and about 1/3 were SATA. Only 3 were pharm and by some miracle I knew the answers. The good pop up is an encouraging sign. Try to relax until you get the results - there's nothing else that can be done. Good luck!
  5. LPN1118

    Do you renew both LPN and RN licenses?

    Right now Im still working as an LPN and I will still need that license if Im not lucky enough to have a new job by the time December rolls around. That's the main reason I would still renew it this year.
  6. LPN1118

    Job Search

    I'm kind of in the same boat but in CT. I look up jobs on liquidcompass.com. There's a box you can check off for new grad exact to see a list of jobs for new nurses. Our career counselor at school told us to still apply for jobs that require BSN. They will consider your application if it shows that you are enrolled in a BSN program.
  7. LPN1118

    How long does a call back take?

    I get so nervous with interviews so the practice will really help while Im waiting. The wait for an interview is worse than the wait for NCLEX results!
  8. I bridged into the RN program as an LPN. I received my RN license last month and it will expire in November as well as my LPN license expiring the same time. I haven't found a RN job yet so I will most likely renew both licenses this year but what is the normal routine after that? Do I let the LPN license lapse after getting an RN job? Our instructors at school had no clue how to answer this so any advise is appreciated.
  9. LPN1118

    Misuse of the ER

    I've been in the waiting room with a family member who legitimately needed to be there. A family was also there and seemed pretty relaxed and laughing and hanging out. After a while, they had a pizza delivery come in for them! I'm not sure why they were there but they probably could've just gone to the walk-in and avoided missing dinner.
  10. LPN1118

    How long does a call back take?

    Thanks. I've been getting a little discouraged after not hearing anything after a few days.
  11. I graduated in June and got my RN license in August. I just started submitting my resume to companies this week but I am wondering how long after sending it out is the average time to get a call from the facility for an interview? Honestly, its only been a few days but I'm anxious to start working as a nurse. I'm questioning myself on whether or not my resume was good enough and already revising it. Any input is appreciated.
  12. LPN1118

    NCLEX, 4th attempt, passed with 76 Q's

    Congratulations! I took the NCLEX last week and it shut off at 77 questions and I was convinced that I failed but I passed! I focused on doing Uworld questions and reading the rationales. I also took my time constantly re-reading the NCLEX questions - I took 2 hours but I didn't want to rush through it and risk failing.
  13. LPN1118

    Baby vs no baby... help!

    not every pregnancy goes smooth. There's always a chance that complications can occur and you can be on bed rest. You need to dedicate a lot of time to focusing and studying and having a newborn would put a damper on that. I say wait until you're done with school
  14. LPN1118

    A Sign From God?

    I used to memorize all of the songs to my New Kids on the Block albums within days of buying them. Does this mean I can become a member of the band now?

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