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Taking NCLEX at 2PM Today (July 1st)


Hello all,

I have been religiously stalking this website for the past month while preparing for the NCLEX. This will be my first time taking it and it would be an understatement to say that I am nervous. My palms are seriously sweating as I type this!! I have been trying to tell myself that I can do this but there is a part of me that questions myself. What if I get question that are totally out of the ball park? What if I think im doing well and the computer shuts off at 75 and in reality i just bombed it??? Some of my classmates have already passed it and I feel like I might be that one person that doesn't. I trying to stay positive! I scared to do the trick to see if i passed or not......I will be crushed if I don't pass! I have tried so many times to try and reschedule because I have been doubting myself. I have been using Lippincott Q and A review for the most part and I have not been getting the scores I would like which makes me nervous....Really I just wanted to vent how am feeling before I take this exam. I'm just so nervous because my dreams are in reach and I just don't want to mess up, disappoint my friends and family and myself! Thanks for listening :)!!!!

Zara, RN

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I took my test June 21. I came in inevitably nervous because it's who I am. I had 75% SATA and half way through at 35 I felt so good about it that I was convinced the computer would shut off at 75.

When I made to a 100 I realized that I might be taking all 265. I took all the breaks I was allowed to take. I constantly stretched, took deep breaths, applied ear plugs on and off and coached my self all the way.

I am happy to say I passed and I'm an RN today. Please go into the exam with the mindset that you are going to pass. Don't dwell on anything. Free your mind of this and please go relax!

Congrats on your success! I am trying to relax now, taking deep breaths! Getting off my computer now lol and thanks for your kind words!

bijoutRN, ADN, BSN, LPN, RN

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I took my June 25th. I ran out of time at 199 questions. I was sure that I failed. Drove home 30minutes later and tried the trick. Good Pop Up!! My license was issued yesterday. I would just take some deep breaths and go into this thing confident. Critically think, look for clues, jot down labs and other important things as soon as u get in the room because when you have anxiety & feel like your failing, your brain may not allow to focus enough to remember thinks that you know. At this point all you can do is pray if your a prayer. Good Luck!

yedwards42, BSN, MSN

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Thinking positive thoughts you will knock NCLEX out today! Please let us know how it goes. :)

I passed!!! I got 79 questions, and about 70% of my test was SATA tho so I was very nervous!!!! I got the good popup! I just cant believe this! My whole life has been made!!! My god i still cannot believe it!!!!

Yaaa good job twill! Congratulations! Did you heart stop once it didn't stop at 75?

yedwards42, BSN, MSN

Specializes in Maternal Newborn. Has 7 years experience.

Congratulations!!! Way to go! What resources did you use?


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Congrats!!! (I took it and got the good pop-up today, too. Glad for that, but I will feel a lot better once I have the official word!). That was one heck of an exam, huh? I'm still not recovered. :scrying:

OMG yes I was hoping it would shut off at 75 but when it didn't i thought omg I'm going all the way to 265 but this also means that I am close to passing! I was still scared when it shut off at 79.....so glad it's over with!

As for resources I used the Kaplan content review from amazon, free in kindle version, lippincott q and a review (50-60%) and let me tell you, these questions are HARD! some saunders q and a questions (~60s) and I used Kaplan strategies book (69% on cumulative)

Honesty I still can't believe this is real and it has happened yet