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  1. bijoutRN

    Is Anyone A Highly Sensitive Nurse?

    Shy? PSTD? Lol. You're clearly NOT an HSP and ARE a burned out nurse. Hope you helped yourself and gracefully bowed out by now.
  2. bijoutRN

    Is Anyone A Highly Sensitive Nurse?

    Shy? PSTD? Lol. You're clearly NOT an HSP and ARE a burned out nurse. Hope you helped yourself and gracefully bowed out by now.
  3. bijoutRN

    Is Anyone A Highly Sensitive Nurse?

    Oh boy! I developed anxiety, stress and depression after nursing burnt me out last year. After nursing school, I paid for a Perioperative Nursing Certification because I thought I loved the rotation during clinical. WRONG! I opted for a position in Home Health as a visiting nurse. I liked it initially, but was made a Case Manager which was way too over stimulating for me as an HSP. I had a nervous breakdown & took a 2 month turned 4 month LOA from work. Went back FT and 4 weeks later, I was going Per Diem. I can't believe I spent all that time becoming a nurse and 5 years into my nursing career I was over it. As it can be debilitating, I've spent the last year learning myself, practicing self care and really embracing my sensitivities as a HSP, empath, ect. I became certified as a spiritual life coach and started a business coaching and mentoring girls and women. I wouldn't wish my experience over the last year on anybody. I definitely let my ego win at the time. Now I'm all intuition baby!
  4. bijoutRN

    Burned out and hate nursing

    Did I write this post 2 years ago?
  5. bijoutRN

    Does anyone here like nursing?

    Nursing has given me so many tangible and non tangible experiences and opportunities and I will be forever grateful for it. I've been a nurse for almost 6 years & was burned out by the 4th! I loved the idea of being a nurse as a child and teenager and even during college. When I began clinical, I got a hunch that I wouldn't be retiring a nurse. I'm 29 years old and left my first and last Full Time job as a visiting nurse last February after having a nervous breakdown (no good) which triggered anxiety, depression, & stress. I went and hired a life coach, a therapist, began practicing self care extensively and almost 1 year later I'm still in recovery. I've always been Per Diem except for this time around; tried adulting and failed miserably. I am now Per Diem and even that can be overwhelming for me. I guess my values have changed and my awareness has grown a lot since I was 22/23 years old and I just don't care to be in this environment anymore. Nursing doesn't do it for me like it did 3 years ago. Family and friends dont really understand because "I'm such a good nurse" but if I stay, I'll die a depressed, miserable old lady. I'm going through a transition period right now just trying to figure out what's next in my life. It really sux having a career (that most would die for) that I've worked so hard for, and be willing to lose everything and start all over again for the sake of my mental and emotional wellbeing. To each is own. Get in tune with yourself and do what feels good in your heart. We're ever evolving beings. If you change your mind later, that's okay. On to the next you'll go! Nothing is a waste of time. Just all lessons on life's journey. Good luck!
  6. bijoutRN

    Nursing sadness

    I caught myself burned out, anxious, stressed and depressed mid-late 2016 into earlier this year. I swept it under the rug until I couldn't anymore and had an emotional breakdown that took me months to overcome with the help of my doctor, prayer, self care, a few life coaches, mentors and therapy! I took a 2 months LOA which turned into 4 months, was denied ST Disability and moved back home with my parents at 28 years old. I went back to work full time 4 months later but ended up going Per Diem just one month later & even that's too much at times. Had I gone Per Diem 9 months earlier like my gut told me, I probably wouldn't have found myself in that situation. But everything happens for a reason. I went and pursued my dream of becoming a Youth Mentor and Certified Dreambuilder Life Coach over the last 9 months. Listen to your gut. Ask yourself what would you love? Try to live with purpose on purpose and follow your dreams! Best of luck to you. I know the feeling and wouldn't wish it on anybody.
  7. bijoutRN

    Wilmington MSN program

    Hey, did you get in??!
  8. bijoutRN

    Leaving Nursing for Another Career

    Wife, Mother, Life Coach, Superstar. I've been a nurse for 4 years now, LPN-> RN-> BSN. LTC & Rehab, School Nurse, Home Health Case Manager, Teaching, a PeriOp course and sooner than later the ED, Travel Nursing and maybe an AP degree (not sure in what yet). Working from home will be very nice one day once God sends me a great husband & beautiful little babies:dummy1:. Until then to the bedside I go!
  9. bijoutRN

    Leaving Nursing for Another Career

    I've always wanted to teach also. I have my TTE(Teaching The Educator Certificate) and have taught CNA class's and clinicals, maybe in a couple of years I'll pick up weekend clinicals for an RN or LPN program. That may be something to look into.
  10. bijoutRN

    Leaving Nursing for Another Career

    Did I write this post? Haha, I'm 28 and my parents came to the US 30 years ago. We've pretty much been learning the ropes of "life" together. This class would have surely saved us a few setbacks. But then again, there's no experience like good ol' life experience.
  11. bijoutRN

    Is home health that bad?

    Just wondering how you made out? You could always try HH part time or per Diem & see how it goes. All the best!
  12. bijoutRN

    Do things get better?

    It'll get better with time. You know more at 4 weeks than you did at day 1 and will know more at 4 months than you do now. Pray, take a deep breath and do your best. Thats all you can do right?
  13. bijoutRN

    Where do ER RNs typically move onto?

    How exciting, Good Luck!
  14. bijoutRN

    Finally in the OR!

    Hey! No I'm not in a hospital but I'm taking. Periop 101 at the local community college. How's the new job going??!!!
  15. bijoutRN