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Taking that first step

Hi all! I've been lurking the pages of AllNurses ever since I decided last year to become a nurse. I just wanted to share my excitement with you since today is the day I go for orientation and finish enrollment for my local JC's CNA course. Classes officially start next week! The course is 8 weeks of classes stretched out over 12 weeks and the cost is $965.

I am so proud and excited because it has taken me so long to get to this point. I graduated high school 11 years ago and I am turning 30 in January. I never went to college and I really regret that. I ended up having a baby as a single mom at 21 and every attempt at furthering my education after that fell through. After years of living in poverty and being nearly homeless I met my wonderful husband and had another baby who is now almost school aged.

I finally decided it was time to work on my education and find something I could do to help my family financially and contribute to society. I wanted something challenging and fulfilling and something my children could be proud of and I found all of that in nursing. My ultimate goal is to become an RN with a focus on mental health or possibly hospice/palliative care- I'll decide that later- first steps first as they say.

Rather than expect my husband to support me for the next 4-5 years while I jump in feet first to nursing school, I decided to take the conservative route and obtain CNA certification in order to get valuable experience and ensure that nursing is for me. I hope to find a job in a hospital while in school working toward my nursing degree- I think it would be super neat to workstation the same place from CNA to RN. Fortunately we have several great hospitals in my area and I also live on the state border so I have the opportunity to expand my job search if needed.

Well thats about it. I'm just so excited to finally be taking that first step toward realizing my dream of becoming a productive member of society and someone my family can be proud of.

Aw, what a sweet post. Welcome to AN & good luck with your endeavors!

That's great. Good luck on your endeavors!

Congrats!!! Hope that everything goes well for you!

Congrats. I'm taking the leap too by starting as a CNA. My job is paying for school -- hallelujah -- and I completed my enrollment today. I was holding off buying books, uniforms and the associated fees until my job came through with the cash. I don't start until the second 8-week period beginning in October.

Thank you all for your well-wishes. I found out today there is a slim opportunity for financial aid and the doc who heads the nursing program will hold spots for us if we complete the requirements in the LPN program in January. I don't think I'll do the lpn program but I'll definitely network my butt off to get a good recommendation for jobs and use all of the great many resources provided to us.

Also I got my stethoscope and book today. I've already listened to my girls hearts. I'm also weirdly excited that we have to wear scrubs to class, lol.

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Reconsider the PN program as well; it is a great foundation in becoming an RN; and you work with a scope of practice, and will be a licensed nurse. :up:

Best wishes.

Good luck with your courses!!

Congrats! I too am starting my CNA class soon on September 2nd and working my way up to become an RN. I am almost 36 years old (in September) and I am just beginning my Nursing prerequisites, after having and taking care of 6 children, even though I'm still raising 5 of them, I am starting my journey to my Nursing dream. :) Good luck to you! :up:


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