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  1. I can't use my health insurance, so where can I get blood test results in two days? I'm a PPD converter, so I know I need blood test or chest x-ray.
  2. armywife808

    Accepted to LVN should I wait for RN

    A bird in the hand ...
  3. armywife808

    Question to the single Moms

    You could start interviewing babysitters now as an emergency back up plan. Try sittercity.com -- it's free for military families.
  4. armywife808

    ? scholarships

    I just applied for a federal student loan and I'm wondering if anyone is going to school on scholarship? I would appreciate any info on obtaining a scholarship. I plan to apply for a ABSN program by Summer or Fall 2014. I have a lot of sciences to take since I graduated college in the 90's & they are too old to be accepted now. Plus I have to brush up on math -- not by best subject.
  5. armywife808

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    By the time I finish pre-reqs, I will be 52-ish if I can go to school full-time. I'd like to attend a ABSN program, but haven't had my transcripts evaluated yet to see what classes will transfer
  6. armywife808

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I had a classmate who named her son -- Dinette -- like the table in your kitchen.
  7. My reason for choosing: We are a military family and I reasoned that if I had an aptitude for nursing, I would have a job where ever we moved to plus the opportunity to experience different nursing areas. OB interests me, so I think my concentration may be there. I started my trek in '06 by taking pre-reqs at at community college. I had just finished A&P II and I was pregnant and then we moved. After the move nursing didn't enter my mind again as I was a first-time mother and I eventually went back to being an HR administrator. Fast forward to our ?th move and becoming a nurse is on my mind again :) I think the planets are lining up in my favor where I can go to school full-time (with loan assistance) and finally settle into a permanent home state. I have a BS and I'm looking into accelerated programs, but I know that I will have to re-take basic math and English over again so I can do well on the entrance exams. This may sound very basic, but I would love a job wearing those too-cool scrubs everyday :)
  8. I began taking pre-reqs about seven years ago, then I got pregnant and we moved. Since then we have moved about four more times (military family) and a nursing career got pushed to the back burner. So now, I've got the nursing bug again. We will finally settle permanently in the West -- CA, AZ or NV. I eventually want to get a BSN, but there is no hurry. So can someone explain the nursing food chain for me? LPN? LVN? And the differences/responsibilities? Also is there an advantage to going to a medical career school versus a community college? Cost?