Taking BSN classes while working: Feasible?

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I'll be graduating with my ADN in Spring 2019. I plan on doing my online BSN right after that. How feasible is it to work as a new grad while taking BSN classes? Will full time BSN along with FT work be too much? I'm used to working part time or per diem while in Nursing school right now, is it any different? Thanks for the input!

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I did it. It's not at all like nursing school. I thought it was very easy.

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I would only caution you to wait until you have your residency/ orientation to your new job under your belt first. That transition to practice time can be a little overwhelming (see the hundreds of posts about this from new grads) and you will need some adjustment time.

I just graduated this past Spring. I'm accepted into an online RN to BSN program and planned on starting this month. I wound up putting it off until January due to the requirements of my new job. The job is highly specialized and I have a three month training period. I have to attend weekly classes and keep up with the weekly book work and exams. I also have weekly clinical skills to master. It just seemed a bit much since right now mastering the job is more important. I think it depends on the job you get. You'll be better able to judge once you land the job. Plus there's tuition reimbursement eligibility to consider. Just my two cents...

Best of luck to you.

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LIke some others say it is more then feasible, but I would wait until your orientation period is over.


Thanks for all your input! It definitely brought about something I didn't think of (how hectic training/orientation/residency could be), which in hindsight should've been what I'd have thought of first :)

Oh yeah I got my BSN and DNP while working fulltime. The BSN isn't hard. Its mostly just time-consuming silliness

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I am currently in the bridge program and work full time, 2 part-time jobs and my girls have competition cheer, and dance as well as the regular dance and tumble classes. It's a lot of writing and discussion postings. I would recommend to at least wait until after your training is completed at what ever job you get so you have an idea of what is going to be expected of you there and then it would not be so difficult to migrate some BSN classes in. Good luck!

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it AINT easy, honey! you have TWO jobs..degree NURSING school IS full time. You are training to be a supervisor/leader. Burn out these days is big time. Choose wisely.

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