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'Take Me Home, WV, Country Roads' - Covid 19 style


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A new but very comforting twist on an old trusty favorite that I think should become the country's national theme song during these C19 times. Kind of like Lee Greenwood's rallying 'God Bless the USA' during 9/11.

Check Youtube for the "Take Me Home Country Roads"rendition by Jonathan Antoine.

It is breathtakingly soul-wrenching to listen to his rendition. It is Covid-current with its pictures. The song takes on a new poignancy, pleading, almost urgent bent.

I get choked up and teary-eyed when listening, and I've played this video clip more times than I can count. The pictures, esp towards the end with the face-masked female touching the huge glass window all alone ...

4 Hazmat workers spraying corridor floors ...

Wheelchair pts ...

Fully PPE garbed staff ...

gloved pizza delivery guy ...

medical Mercy ship ...

While John Denver gifted us with this moving song, he sings of homesickness. This version, with its orchestral background music, just grabs you with the same words that want to take us all back to better times, times BEFORE C19.

I disclose that I am over-the-moon impressed with Jonathan Antoine's exceptional talent. He can sing for God. He 'touches' the music.

I apologize that I can't give you one of those https dot com addresses. Nor can I load videos. I am a technology-challenged 69yo but it is on my 'bucket list' to see him in concert. He's to appear in NJ Meadowlands this Sept/Oct and I plan to be there, Covid willing.

I encourage you to take the time to listen to the Youtube clip for some resolve.

And please, pass along this musical uplift to others needing.

Stay safe.


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In the key of G...sing along

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Just beautiful!

I sent it to my sister. We both love what we call a "Fine Tenor Voice". If not for our grandfather's voice we wouldn't exist.

In 1910 our grandmother was at a Christmas party playing piano while people gathered around singing carols. She asked the host to, "Please introduce me to the young man with the fine tenor voice."

Thank you for posting!


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Beautiful, thx for sharing!


Two great minds LOL

herring_RN, ASN, BSN

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1 hour ago, Daisy4RN said:

Beautiful, thx for sharing!


Two great minds LOL

We were posting at the same time. Thanks to amoLucia we got to watch and listen to this. Just wonderful!