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This article contains a graduate nurses' perspective of newly graduating nurses seeking employment and the viewpoint of society regarding new graduates in the current job market.

Specializes in telemetry.


I don't often reply on this site, or other sites for that matter, however, tonight sleep eludes me and my thoughts interrupt the quiet until the need to pee forces me out of bed, rinse repeat. I read the boards with threads and comments encompassing (but not limited to) varied complaints, pleas, rebukes, frustrations, fears, desires, hopes, anger, happiness, selfishness, pities, blame, and curiosities posted by the members in an effort to feel part of and gain insight. This is the reason for my current amalgamation of thoughts pertaining to AN that keep me awake.

I feel I need to speak a little about myself, in order to establish my current viewpoint and hopefully exempt myself from blame and/or lesson any hard admonition I may receive for the contents of this post.

I am a mere infant in the world of nursing. As a nursling, I have much to learn.

I graduated in May, followed by the receipt of my license in June; the latter only gained after passing the NCLEX. The experience I have in health-care is only that which I achieved in nursing school. My GPA is average and my overall work experience, awards, certifications, and/or achievements suitable for a resume are also average and/or comparable.

In life, I feel like I have overcome many adversities while accomplishing honorable achievements all of which make me a superstar, solely, in the eyes of people in my world, not yours. I am not alone in deserving the praise I receive, since most people are equally entitled to the praise they receive, in their world.

In order to avoid digression, I will get to my point. This is my personal view on new graduates, obtaining gainful employment, and societies relate to both:

I am accountable, for my decisions and my actions, not you.

Employees, supervisors, nurse managers, directors of nursing, and hiring personnel are also accountable for their decisions and actions.

In the world of accountability, you must CYA. Should an employee become a costly problem after one the aforementioned persons chose to hire the costly problem, this must be justified somehow, and he/she may face consequences.

In the gamble of life, some risky decisions are beneficent and some are detrimental. In turn, the less risky "safe" decisions are not always the most beneficent route, regardless of probability. Whether an individual takes risks or bets safely, no matter the outcome, he/she is responsible for the decision.

New graduates are high-risk hires according to evidence-based studies/statistics.

I do not have a job yet, however, I understand that #4 & 5 are nothing personal, just life.

Although my life has been markedly difficult, along with my journey through nursing school and I am in dire financial straits, none of those are your problem.

#7 does not entitle me to anything of yours, be it professional, personal, or emotional security. In essence, I am not owed a position of employment at your risk.

I chose to go to nursing school, not basket weaving school. Regardless, either choice is NOT a guarantee of gainful employment. College is NOT a guarantee of gainful employment.

Nursing is a better bet than basket weaving, and College is a better bet than no higher education.

It would foolish to base important life decisions, on the advice of a person or persons, the media, mentors, and/or any other force without first thoroughly researching, evaluating implications, and gaining a personal understanding beforehand; Ergo, shortage or not, I am responsible for my choice of pursuing nursing as a career.

Education and experience are individual in strengths and combined they are unparalleled. I only have one of those attributes, and in the game of life, I lose to those that hold both.

I am not owed an apology for your earned advantages in the war of employment.

In addition, you do not owe me an apology for refusing to take a risk on me, regardless of my stature; unknown to you considering it exists only in my world.

However, if Shands of Jacksonville is willing to take that risk by hiring me, I vow to make it a "good" risk. (Sorry, I just had to throw that in there.

Until I "win", by gaining employment, my "losses" are not the fault of my school, your advantages, the hiring manager, the facility, society, and (for the most part) the economy.

So who is to blame? Who is john galt? Perhaps, I am to blame, yet in my opinion, the question is pointless.

I strongly believe that I will be a great nurse, and I will find a job regardless of the difficulty I face now, and in the future during my pursuit.

In an effort to maintain mental and emotional homeostasis, I feel it is wise to spend my T.I.M.E productively, always forward moving, and remembering like all things in life, as I seek to work as a Nurse,


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GitanoRN, BSN, MSN, RN

Specializes in Trauma, ER, ICU, CCU, PACU, GI, Cardiology, OR. Has 53 years experience.

undoubtedly, you have come to the understanding of the true facts and you're ready to deal with the situation on hand, and for that i commend you and applaud on your gesture of posting your epiphany. wishing you the very best always in all of your future endeavors...as i send you a hug :hug: from across the miles....aloha~


Specializes in telemetry.

GitanoRN, thank you for your reply, applause, best wishes, and hug! Do I assume right, that in saying "Aloha" you live in Hawaii? It must be beautiful, and I hope to see the islands in my future. Have a wonderful day.


Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN

Specializes in Critical Care, ED, Cath lab, CTPAC,Trauma. Has 41 years experience.

Smart girl....you'll be fine.:hug: I'm with GrnTea, my buddy.....get some sleep.


Specializes in retired LTC.

Lilarox - I like your thinking. (I also like 'nursling'.)


Specializes in Peds/outpatient FP,derm,allergy/private duty. Has 45 years experience.

It is my sincere hope that you find something soon. I very much enjoyed your writing (not the situation you are in, though). Best wishes.

tothepointeLVN, LVN

Specializes in Hospice / Ambulatory Clinic. Has 3 years experience.

You have insight. Everything else will come to you from that.

Now go get some sleep before I have to hit you with a brick/sleep aid.


Specializes in telemetry.

Lol, Thank you everyone. I did sleep, and I didn't need a brick/sleep aid. :o) You guys rock! I too hope I find work soon, tomorrow is "hand out resumes in person" day. If nothing else, at least my fancy resume paper won't go to waste. (Just saying, I'm going to have to post more comments just to use all those cool smiley characters)

tothepointeLVN, LVN

Specializes in Hospice / Ambulatory Clinic. Has 3 years experience.

Pounding the pavement with resumes was the key to me snagging my first nursing job just as the economy was tanking in the minimum amount of time. I got a list of all the possible places that hired nurses and plotted them on a map and made a route for each day. If I snagged an interview I got to go home early. After 2.5 weeks of that sucess.

Your post should be the new grad manifesto.