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I am a 25 yo student registered nurse with 2 units left before i graduate. The only thing is i am worried about my criminal record that i have obtained over the last year. I have obtained over 20 chargers (driving without a license, possession prohibited drug/paraphernalia, stealing, fraud) and am now on a suspended imprisonment order roughly 6 months ago.

What are my chances or being able to be approved for my registration in Western Australia ?

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I am not in Australia, and not qualified to give legal advice. If this is true sounds like you need a lawyer and prayers...



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Sadly. I am gutted. It is true.

I come from a well-off family, never went without, all the best private schools. Was an A grade student. won scholarships to UWA (best university in Western Australia). At university I get high distinctions (80-100%) for most my units. Im a St John Ambulance Volunteer. I won an international scholarship to do my 2 week clinical placment in Indonesia.

Last year my life turned upside down. I became homeless and a victim of domestic voilence. He is now in jail for life with attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, breaching numerous VRO's.

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Your questions are legal ones and even if we were in Australia we'd not be qualified to give you legal advice. I have no idea what your chances are for completing school and becoming licensed in Australia.

I think your first step would be to see a lawyer. Perhaps the lawyer who represented you in your criminal matters could refer you to someone who could help you get your career on track.

From what you described, it might take a few years to work your way out of your current situation. Wishing you all the best.

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Moved to the Nursing in Australia forum where the response hopefully will be more appropriate as the Nursing with Criminal History forum is aimed more for the US


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The only people that can answer this is AHPRA. I suggest you talk to them...



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I’m not a lawyer and this is a question for the board of nursing or a lawyer....

I seem to recall way way way back on my first day of nursing lectures we were told to immediately speak to the head of the nursing department if we had any criminal record at all. We were warned that we should not “waste our time or money” completing the course only to be refused a license. The advise my school gave was if you were in that boat you should immediately contact the board of nursing to discuss our individual situation. That was a long time ago and I don’t personally know anyone that was affected so I have no idea how it actually went, but given it was mention on day 1 of classes, not great would be my best guess.

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What are your chances? Slim to none if you are honest. Contact the registration authority.