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Ok, I do NOT want to sound like an old lady.... but I am just about willing to do anything I can to get some support and relief. I want to know yall's opinion on some great support hose/socks/whatever.


lol i'm not an old lady either and I'm a new grad but I've been using support stockings since I started clinicals at school. Search amazon or ebay for good deals on support stockings.

I have had achy legs from excess fluid (kidney problems) and got good relief from support hose I bought on the 'net at Jobst, Mediven, Juzo, Sigvaris support stockings, Canes, Therall, and FLA Supports at Support Hose Store™. Nice people, good prices, informative website. I only wish they were easier to put on (thigh-highs)!

Hello Bamagirl14

Compression stockings can really re-energize your legs and help with aching and heaviness feelings. If you have time to read up on the subject visit

I also recommend this article ...

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Somehow the URL in my post got mangled. The site is www dot supporthosestore dot com. The Internet pixies are at it again!

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coming from a mom who is a nurse and has worn control top (active support) for years (>40), I have learned through her experience how healthy legs really get you through a long "on your feet" shift. I wear Leggs Active support. They are found at CVS and Walmart. CVS was just clearancing them, so I wonder if they're going to go out of business. God, I hope not, as they are my FOUNDATION before everything else I put on. I can't wear TED that stop below the knee, as my ENTIRE leg gets sore (well, both of them) and find the active support compresses the thighs and gives you some great venous return to keep that pep in your step. I'm a great believer in maintaining that circulation.

Many of those support/compression stockings are EXPENSIVE. The above brand runs between $5-7 a pair. I can wear a pair 3-4 shifts (12 hour shifts). I suppose it might be worth it to spend a bit more, but it's a lot of money to not know how the expensive ones will fit. I find that Leggs doesn't slip at the crotch, which is a HUGE pain if you have tried many pairs and dealt with that.

I'm going to check these out, simply for preventative purposes! I always heard they were a good idea, and now that I'll be starting clinical soon I should get into the habit of wearing them.

I really want them for preventative purposes too. When I go shopping and walk around for several hours my legs start to hurt pretty bad. I can only imagine what it will be like on my shifts. I also would like to keep from having old lady legs when I'm 30! I will check out everything y'all have suggested. Thank you!

I'm 26 and just started clinicals, which are 12 hours. The first one, I was dying. My feet were killing me, my legs up to my hips were in so much pain. The second shift, I wore knee high support socks (NurseMates, about $7 a pair) and I noticed a difference. My feet were still pretty sore, I"m still working on finding shoes that work well for me, but I won't be going without my hose if I can ever help it.

Someone mentioned getting thigh-highs on is tough, I found a 'helper-tool' somewhere... on amazon maybe, but a nifty little thingy to help get those all the way up. I'll see if I can find it...

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Do you have to have hose? I mean, pantyhose creates a rather warm environment in the nether regions, and you'll be running around, working and probably sweating. It doesn't sound nice. I like SuppSocks, but also TED hose knee or thigh highs, without the toe cutout. It is hard to find my size 'cause extra small still comes with normal length feet, however they work fantastic. The SuppSocks are only 8-11 mm compression which is nice and gentle. Seven years, no spider veins. One little bitty clot/bruise thing in my big toenail, that's all.

The "tool" thing you want for pulling the thigh highs on, they sell "donning gloves" but really a pair of latex gloves will do the trick. No need to buy dishwashing gloves to get your socks on! Besides, lube your legs up good with lotion, dry hands completely, put gloves on if you have to, and crank the things on. It's not that bad.

The only thing I recommend against is nurse mates support hose/sock thingies. No compression in legs, then a tight band at the knee. I would have gotten the same result tying a tourniquet around each knee. Those things went in the trash one night around midnight and I'm lucky I didn't have a major clot event from them.

I've been wearing support stockings forever... You should use them...we're on our feet for 12 hours straight and it's horrible for our legs!!

I have mediven and Juzo. I like the Juzo better, they're softer. I wear 30/40 mm Hg compression thigh highs. I have the knee highs, too. The thigh highs give much more support. I have some spider veins so that's why I use that compression.

My advice is to start with at least 15 mmHg...less that that really won't offer you much support or relief. If you turn the stockings inside out and just fold in up to the heel, put them on your foot and kind of "fold" the stockings on (be careful w/the silicone strap...don't touch it with your fingers too often because they lose their grip) it's much easier than putting them on as you would normally put on socks :)

Good luck!!!

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