Summer Prerequisites?

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Does anyone know what colleges in MD usually offer pre reqs in the summer? Specifically microbiology, chem, or stats. I know sometimes certain classes are not offered all semesters.

All of them should offer them at least in one of the summer sessions

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I took A&P 1 and 2 last summer. MC breaks summer into 2 5-week sessions.

You'll go to class everyday Mon-Thu. Friday is off. Don't know about Chem or stat but Microbiology is offered in summer.

i agree with the above comments - all of the classes that are pre-reqs are offered at MC in the summer.

I have taken orgo+lab in the summer as well as Physics (alg/Calc bases w/ lab) both were doable but killers!

(edit - these are not pre-reqs for nursing they were for my 1st UG degree requirements!)

Pretty much everything is offered at Frederick Community College over the summer, as either a 5 week class or an 8 week. The 5 week ones are great, you can do two back-to-back along with an 8 week one if you're motivated, and get three classes checked off your list!

MC offers all the pre-reqs required in the the DC area (as some schools have slightly different requirements).

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CCBC and AACC have them.

AACC offers stats, micro, and chem over the summer but not A&P

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PGCC offers stats, micro & chem over the summer as well. I took Micro there during summer session II (July 7-August 6). It wasn't easy, but I worked hard & got a B. I believe stats was offered as an 5 week class too. Chem was offered as a 8 or 10 week class I think.

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