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  1. kira261

    Anne Arundel Community College: Fall 2011 RN

    Hello! I also put my application in! I'm in A&P 2 right now and eagerly awaiting June! I think I will cry my self to sleep all summer if I don't get in. I have a 3.5 something as of right now. I think I will try to get into the phlebotomy program if I'm not accepted.
  2. Hello Everybody! I just got some really exciting news! My A&P class is going on a field trip to a surgical training facility, a member of the Anatomic Gift Foundation. My peers and I will have the opportunity to watch skilled professionals dissect a cadaver. I was so thrilled at the news because my program does not provide any type of dissecting in the class room environment. I am hoping that the nurses of this forum can give me suggestions! What should I make a point to get a good look at? Is there specific anatomical structures in the body I should ask the dissector to point out or pay particular attention to? How should I prepare my self for this experience? Has anyone had an experience similar to this field trip? What did you like/dislike, find interesting/disgusting, or inspiring/disturbing about this experience? I look forward to reading your responses!
  3. I've been finishing up my last prerequisite, A&P 2, and getting ahead on the required reading for the first semester of nursing school. I've also been doing a lot of research on this website about things people recommend doing to get ahead. So far it seems like dosage calculations and pathophysiology are worth taking a gander at ahead of time. I've also seen that its worth investing in NCLEX PN books for the first 2 semesters of a 2 year RN program because of the significant overlap and head start in NCLEX review. I am very interested to here what other people are doing to prepare :)
  4. kira261

    Types of nurses?

    Are these people asking you what kind of unit you would like to work on? Such as intensive care, emergency room, labor and delivery, surgical, etc?
  5. My mother's friend has a daughter who was studying nursing at AACC. Apparently she failed out of AACC in her last semester and was able to start at CCBC midway through their program.
  6. kira261

    Summer Prerequisites?

    AACC offers stats, micro, and chem over the summer but not A&P
  7. kira261

    Anne Arundel CC-In county residence?

    Hello, I am applying for AACC's RN program. Here is a link to the residency petition. It claims that you just need to be a resident for 3 months prior to the semester starting. http://www.aacc.edu/recreg/file/Residency%20Petition.pdf
  8. kira261

    AACC Nursing

    I have just over a 3.5. I previously earned 2 degrees from AACC. I talked with a women at the front desk in the health professions office and she gave the impression that they first look at the GPA of your prerequisite nursing grades, then your completion of the chemistry requirement, and then residency. After all that they examine your overall GPA. Now this woman isn't responsible for admissions so I don't know how correct this information is but it made sense to me at the time.
  9. kira261

    A&P PLEEEASE help!!!

    I believe a member, Polka-Dot, was using the same book as you and she has posted her notes on this site https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/p-help-my-334360.html You can go to that link and she has posted notes for a lot of the chapters. A lot of people on the forum seem to find them very useful :)
  10. kira261

    Is Micro harder/easier than A&P?

    Wow, A&P 1 in 8 weeks! Congrats on the A! I personally though Micro was easy compared to A&P. As others have commented, it is just memorization. I had taken a basic biology class prior though. I don't think you will have a problem if you did so well in A&P. I found that a lot of the early course work is nearly identical. You begin with basic chemistry, move to the anatomy of a cell, and discuss how the cell makes energy. You will find later that the immunity units are similar. I particularly enjoyed learning about various bacteria from the perspective of the bacteria trying to live in a host (in Micro) and as a disorder in the human body (in A&P) Again, I'm sure a good student like you will do fine