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Suicide Policy


We are in the process developing a suicide policy for our small school. If anyone has one they would like to share with me please let me know.


Ok thanks anyway----

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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Check with your local NAMI affiliate. They are a wonderful source of information. The student is screened by a trained evaluator and appropriate referrals are made. This is followed by a re entry plan. Our students also have been trained as gatekeepers and in suicide awarenes and prevention.

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Consult NAMI.

If a child threatens suicide, we take it seriously. We have psych talk to the child and call the parents. The child in 99% of the cases has been then taken to the hospital.

If an attempt is made, or we think an attempt is made, we call 911. Then the parents.

MrNurse(x2), ADN

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NAMI is sporadic in their availability. They were horrible in Baltimore, I had to use my SIL who worked for national to get ANY response. If this is your case, check with your health department. I assume you are private. The health department can assist with medical support (i.e. prescriptions for free Epi-pens, protocol sign off, etc.) or ask your public system. I was allowed to use a neighboring county's protocols with a health department sign off as medical director. Saved hundreds of hours of work.

I did call my local NAMI office and left a message but did not receive a response yet. Yes we are private but we do partner with a local counseling center. I will call them to see if they can help. I just hate reinventing the wheel. Thank you


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We have a huge flow chart that we follow as a part of our procedures, but the basics are:

*If it is verbal, or if written evidence is found and the student is not currently in danger

-They are brought to the nurse or counselor where a quick risk assessment is done (4 questions, Have you been thinking of killing yourself? What is your plan? Do you have access to what you need? Tell me about the thoughts when you have them?)

-Parents are contacted and it is recommend they see one of the provider associated with the district (most do emergency visits) to have a complete assessment done.

-Student remains with staff at all time until leaves with parent, if the student attempts to elope 911 is called.

*If there is a current immediate risk of self harm

-911 and then the parent is called.

A reentry plan ("safe plan") is put into place for the students return.

thank you so much--I like the idea of a flow chart