Study Plan: Hurst, Kaplan, LaCharity

I'm confident in saying there are thousands of 'My NCLEX Journey' threads on this site (because I've probably read close to all of them!), but I made a promise I would add mine if I passed in hopes that my journey may help someone else. Students NCLEX Article


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Our school had an excellent first time pass rate, and since I passed the Exit HESI first time with no issues, I studied on my own with the Sylvestri Elsevier application and the Davis Success series books. Passed in maybe 88 questions. Glad I didn't have to spend the extra money... tuition was pricey enough. I wouldn't suggest that for everyone though. I think that knowing your school's first time pass rates is where to start. If it's under 95%, then yeah... invest in a NCLEX prep course. It would have also done wonders for my shattered nerves and ill peace of mind at the time, I guess.

That is a gold nugget piece of advice right there!! My school's pass rate dropped after NCLEX raised passing standard in April- that had a lot to do with my willingness to invest in resources!


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Amen I receive it in Jesus name!!! Thank you for a very nice and encouraging. Post

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Well done on passing. As a nurse of 20 years standing in the UK, I have relocated to the US and feel overwhelmed with what is needed to obtain a licence to practice here. Really wishing it was a lot easier and seriously reconsidering this path. Anybody else find themselves in the same situation?

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Thank you so much for kind words!! I hear you on getting your content down-that was my main focus!! I honestly think content is the most important part- no amount of strategies will help unless you know the content first! I watched all of the lectures twice but the one’s I felt weak in I watched 3-4 times (cardiac, endocrine and F/E :cautious:). I started to ‘get it’ when I would study the ‘why’ instead of the ‘what’- it just started to make sense. With F&E I stopped memorizing ‘what’ the s/s of electrolyte imbalances were and studied to understand ‘why’ these s/s were occurring. For example the s/s of hypercalcemia are lethargy, decreased respirations, decreased pulse, decreased muscle tone and decreased DTR- but why? Well, calcium acts as a sedative on smooth muscles, so when you have too much calcium those muscles become very sedated. So, if calcium acts a sedative on smooth muscles and if too much calcium causes severe sedation then that must mean not having enough calcium would make those muscles very UN-sedated. This explains the s/s of hypocalcemia: tetany, seizures, laryngospasms and arrhythmias. When I started studying this way, I was able to catch on to things quicker and actually remember them. After watching the videos a few times I felt I had a handle on them. I hope that makes sense lol.

You know what they say, third time’s a charm- you got this!!!!! I am certainly praying for you!!! ;)

Thank you so much for the tip! This really helped out a lot. Now I can start to review it in that manner to make more sense of it. And oh man, the cardiac, F/E, and endocrine are my struggles too! :arghh:

Lol I know without a doubt those videos will be watched more than twice. I always tell myself the third time is a charm! Thanks for the prayers and inspiration. We need more people like you on these forums!

God bless girl!


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Congratulations. You really did very well in your exam. Plus, your article is very informative. I will definitely help lots of students out there. Keep up the good work. Share.

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