Wolford CRNA Fall 2017

  1. Just wanted to start a thread for anyone applying to Wolford's CRNA program October 2017. Any completed applications? Interviews? I visited the site and was pretty impressed. My application is on the way.
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  3. by   Sethemartin
    Yes, I interviewed a couple of weeks ago and got word the other day that I was accepted.
  4. by   ICUman
    Did they mention anything about passing their reaccreditation process?
  5. by   Monkey Man Nurse
    I want to apply right now, but I am a little apprehensive to apply before the October accreditation issues are finalized. Anyone else feel this way?
    I saw that accreditation piece too but spoke with the director at COA. He said there were no adverse actions against Wolford. The adverse actions cause programs to lose accreditation. I'm thinking the issue has to do with administrators/faculty members needing to be CRNAs with doctorate degrees--just my theory. It's difficult getting CRNAs to give up clinical money for the pay cut of education.
    Quote from Sethemartin
    Yes, I interviewed a couple of weeks ago and got word the other day that I was accepted.
    How long after submitting the application were you called for an interview?
  8. by   ProgressiveThinking
    The COA website says the next review for Wolford is 10/2017, so theyre doing something right..
  9. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Their last date of review was listed as 1/2017, now another date for review is 10/2017. Anesthesia programs are not normally reviewed twice in 10 months??
  10. by   Sethemartin
    I don't remember exactly, but it was fairly quick. I'd say maybe maybe a month and a half after submitting the application. After I interviewed, I got a letter about a week after that told me I was accepted.
  11. by   loveanesthesia
    Wolford has been atempting Regional Accreditation for some time, and has not been successful. If you attend Wolford your degree will not be recognized by other Regionally Accredited colleges. You will not be able to teach at any other anesthesia program because all the other programs are Regionally Accredited, and so they cannot hire anyone who earns a degree at Wolford. Wolford will soon be out of compliance with the COA if they do not acheive Regional Accreditation, or if they do not affiliate with a University with Regional Accreditation. If Wolford is put on probation by the COA, then they cannot admit any students. Students already in the program can continue.

    Another issue, and I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the COA putting off a decision, is Wolford has just been successfully sued by former students. The former students won the suit because they successfully made the case that students were treated like staff and should have been paid.
  12. by   tiffanycoulter82
    I applied in November, interviewed May 8th, received acceptance today. My huge concern right now is housing. My friends that have completed the program roomed with other students and my housing prospect fell through so I'm freaking just a bit. FYI, the current students have an accreditation meeting with the staff on June 5th so I'll be interested to hear what comes of that. I'm not terribly worried about the accreditation issue.
  13. by   tiffanycoulter82
    They were sued many years ago, lost the suit, it went back to court and they won. The staff that was responsible for it no longer work there.
  14. by   jj224
    Honestly - given accreditation and lawsuit issues, why do people even go to school here?