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  1. loveanesthesia

    Thoughts on CRNA school rankings: UPenn vs VCU

    The most important factor in becoming a great CRNA is the individual student. A highly motivated student can overcome a lot. Those schools are good didactically and with simulation. Not twice as good as other schools, but they are solid. It’s the clinical experience allowed for students where their weakness is. And they don’t have to improve because they’re the Ivy League.
  2. loveanesthesia

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    Nursing students shouldn't make a difference in the spread, because you should be appropriately protected. I think the accreditors are allowing more simulation hours, but you will need some hospital based clinical hours. I would discuss with your program. Do you know for sure they will hold your spot? not all nursing programs will, so I wouldn't assume that unless you have it in writing.
  3. loveanesthesia

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    Hospitals do not want to interrupt new nurses from graduating down the line. But it depends on the area of the country. New York is going to take awhile, other areas will be opening up sooner.
  4. loveanesthesia

    CRNA program RE-applicants 2021 start

    Admissions committees know that a lot of graduate courses are easy As. An undergrad A&P from a credible university is more meaningful.
  5. loveanesthesia

    Dismissed from CRNA School

    And he’s been kicked out of his He’s been kicked out of his residency.
  6. loveanesthesia

    CRNA School Dismissal for B-

    Schools are required to report these. If they aren’t, make a complaint to the COA. It seems some schools ignore the requirement.
  7. loveanesthesia

    Keep getting rejected

    Program directors get tired of people with 1 year of experience asking what they should do. The answer is obvious.
  8. loveanesthesia

    Keep getting rejected

    It’s your 1 year of experience and possibly overall GPA.
  9. loveanesthesia

    Employer Paying for School?

    Understand what will happen if you take a stipend and commit to working for the organization, and then when the time comes the organization doesn’t want to hire you. You don’t want to be liable for payback if they don’t want you. Understand what the terms of payback are if you don’t work for them at all, or for only part of the time commitment. Is it prorated? Will you get the same package as any new hire?
  10. loveanesthesia

    A rant and a question re: CRNA master’s program

    There was ranting when the switch from certificate to MS programs was announced. There were dire predictions that no one would pay to go to graduate school as the 18 month certificate programs (that paid the students a stipend) were phased out. The applicant pool grew and CRNA opportunities increased as the graduates who were very invested in the profession entered the workforce.
  11. loveanesthesia

    CRNA Boards help- URGENT

    Have you talked with your program? They know you and can get your scores. Is this the first year you’v taken boards? You have 2 years with 4 tries each, 8 total. Retaking in a week is a mistake. Don’t do that again. Get out your textbooks and the NCE outline and go through it over the next 6 weeks. All those people who swear by the reviews don’t understand that it is the studying from their textbooks that matters.
  12. loveanesthesia

    Union University CRNA 2020

    He's right you know.
  13. loveanesthesia

    Union University CRNA 2020

    Absolutely, and if possible, attend another program. But don’t hold a seat you don’t intend to use.
  14. loveanesthesia

    Union University CRNA 2020

    Why show up the first day if you have another option? It’s not ethical to hold seats in multiple programs.
  15. loveanesthesia

    Union University CRNA 2020

    So they have $1000.00 from you and haven’t even accepted you? I’d contact the Dean of Students and ask for my money back. Or walk away, that’s a small cost to avoid the situation.
  16. loveanesthesia

    Union University CRNA 2020

    This is a bad situation for students and I would avoid it if possible. Best case scenario is the nursing Dean is replaced soon and the CRNA faculty stay. CRNAS aren’t going to work for NP salaries.

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