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  1. loveanesthesia

    Online CRNA

    Nothing online, nurse anesthesia is very 'hands on' and I don't see how an online program would work. Nurse anesthesia programs are intense and will require a lot of you.
  2. loveanesthesia


    You can go to the AANA site, look under Accreditated Programs and the degree offtered by each program is listed.
  3. loveanesthesia


    "personal attribute" most important: You are compelled to do your best, to do the right thing, even when you know no one will ever notice.
  4. loveanesthesia

    AA student contemplating CRNA track...advice?

    The most important priority of health care reform is cost containment. CRNAs are proven to be cost effective which will increase opportunities, AAs are not because they always need to work with an anesthesiologist. Definitely pursue the CRNA route. The AA role is in a difficult position, the profession has been around for 40 years and still hasn't gained much traction.
  5. loveanesthesia

    Gooding Anyone?

    Be aware of the accreditation status of the institution. If the college is not Regionally Accredited then applying the degree towards a doctoral degree may be a challenege.
  6. loveanesthesia

    Doctoral Preparation of Nurse Anesthetists

    AACN has not implemented the DNP, there is no requirement by the accrediting body-CCNE-for NP programs to move to the DNP. In fact in Feb of 2010 CCNE published a letter stating they were not changing the accreditation requirements. Prior to the letter the COA did change the accreditation requirements for nurse anesthesia programs to require that all students entering a nurse anesthesia program Jan 1, 2022 be enrolled in a doctoral program. I know I was assuming that CCNE would change accreditation requirements and I think many others were also. Many NP programs are, or already have, changed to the doctoral format, but they are not requred to.
  7. loveanesthesia

    CRNA VS anesthesiologist MD

    I'm employeed by the anesthesia group, and the hospital does not dictate that the anesthesiologists are responsible for me. I am credentialed as a LIP and I am legally responsible for what I do. The LIP status is the key concept in the relationship.
  8. loveanesthesia

    CRNA VS anesthesiologist MD

    No one supervises me on my cases, I am a Licensed Independent Practitioner with all the responsibilities of a LIP.
  9. loveanesthesia

    Degree Path for the Pre-CRNA Student

    Some nurse anesthesia programs may allow you to transfer a few graduate credits into the nurse anesthesia program, and for others it won't matter if you have a BSN or MSN, they won't transfer any of the credits. If the MSN program costs more than the BSN program, and takes longer to complete, you may waste some money and time with the MSN program. It would depend on hour many graduate credit hours the nurse anesthesia program would allow you to transfer.
  10. loveanesthesia

    anyone have a list of CRNA schools?

    There are many factual errors on this site, and also many errors in grammar. The most accurate list of programs is at www.aana.com click on Becoming a CRNA, and then Accredited programs.
  11. loveanesthesia

    Clinical sites in CRNA school

    Something to check into, not all schools require out of state travel for rotations. The older programs with smaller class size usually have enough clinical resources that the distant rotations are not required. I do think rotations in several clinical sites is beneficial, but the distance and cost can be an added unecessary stress. The best of both worlds is a program with a variety of sites, but close enough that you can at least be with your family on the weekends.
  12. loveanesthesia

    1st year FNP student planning for CRNA school

    What you are doing is practicing nursing, not medicine. Also some anestheiologists complete a year of internal med prior to 3 year residency in anesthesia. Most do not, and 3 years in internal med is not required and would be very unusual. What you need to do is spend time in an ICU.
  13. loveanesthesia

    Indiana jobs

    Indiana is not an opt out state, you can see a list of the 16 on the AANA website. The word on the street is that it's pretty MDA dominated but I don't have any personal knowledge.
  14. loveanesthesia

    Rush, U Pitt, Georgetown, or UNF?

    Institutional name recognition may not indicate quality, especially for the clinical experience. Will you have an opportunity to experience a clinical site that has independent CRNAs? It's good to see that CRNAs can function without having a MD in the room for induction, emergence, do their own pre-op evaluation, manage the patient in the PACU, communicate with the surgeon etc will you be required to share cases with residents or with other SRNAs? I think this is a deal breaker, might be difficult to find out because I suppose a program isn't going to want to reveal that the open heart experience consists of assisting the resident also assigned, or that 2 SRNAs will be on the crani's. What will the regional experience consist of? want to get experience with SAB, epidurals, some basic peripheral nerve blocks with ultrasound, OB epidurals Will you rotate to different clinical sites? Some programs move you every couple of months, which might be a little counter productive, but on the other hand staying at a single site for all, or almost all, your clinical experience is going to make you less flexible. Spending significant time at 3 or 4 diverse sites is benificial. You'll become familiar with different equiment, different patient populations, surgeon's etc Also does the program has a required attrition rate? Meaning do they accept more people into the didactic portion than they have room in clinical? Does a certain percentage have to go every year? If you are a good test taker then maybe not as much of a worry personally, but it can still create an atmosphere amoung the students that is a little unpleasant. Good luck
  15. loveanesthesia

    Rush, U Pitt, Georgetown, or UNF?

    Do you know anything about the clinical experience at any of the programs? That's what you should base your decision on, it'll affect the rest of your career. Also once you decide, inform the programs that are holding a spot for you in a timely manner that you won't be attending.