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  1. Should I withdraw from CRNA school?

    First priority is to get some help for your depression. The college has resources, look for them on the website. Can you talk to your advisor and get guidance from them? I've seen several students in your position and most of them became excelle...
  2. CRNA transfer

    I don’t believe it’s possible.
  3. Midwestern University CRNA program 2023 Start

    Mgarcia35 sorry I wasn’t very clear. This is the comment I was referring too. The biggest thing I took from it was this advice straight from the PD's mouth. "If you are on a waitlist, be consistent! E-mail weekly to check on the stat...
  4. Midwestern University CRNA program 2023 Start

    Not all programs are like this. Many have the alternative list in an order and don’t make admissions decisions on the fly.
  5. CRNA vs AA?

    ‘there's no reason for CRNAs to make demeaning comments on here or in the community regardingAAs. In other words.... do your job and let me do minewithout acting like your better.’ My purpose is to correct misinformation about comparis...
  6. CRNA vs AA?

    What wtb said. To quote the PA organization’s analysis of AAs ‘the only similarity between PAs and AAs is there is ‘assistant’ in both titles’.
  7. CRNA vs AA?

    Great question, I always discuss this with SRNAS. When you’re doing cases by yourself it’s a different mind set. I start a second IV if I think there’s any chance of significant blood loss,, maybe blood tubing flushed, have the Cmac ready to go, pres...
  8. CRNA vs AA?

    I’m not doubting this at all. Some CRNAs are required to function as AAs-which is the exact reason I will do everything I can to prevent AAs in our state. We just have to hold out because the medical direction model is not sustainable and will die.
  9. CRNA vs AA?

    Collaborative practice with physician anesthesiologists in busy community hospital. About 60% CRNAs, and CRNAS do the overnight in house call. Whatever comes in we do-SBO is a common one. The CRNA will probably be the only anesthesia provider in hous...
  10. CRNA vs AA?

    CRNAs are recruited from the strongest ICU RNs. During the pandemic CRNAs went to the ICU to provide support. Did any AAs do that? CRNAs have a broad background in management of critically ill patients. This is one important reason why AAs and CRNAs ...
  11. CRNA vs AA?

  12. CRNA interview

    Yes, I’d guess 80% of CRNAs were in this category. Depends on what the question was.
  13. Has anyone dropped out of a PhD program (or contemplated it)?

    I laughed when I read the title of the thread! EVERYONE thinks about quitting a PhD program. I’m convinced that completing a PhD is primarily a sign of persistence. The reason I didn’t quit is because I never have quit anything I’ve started. For qui...
  14. CRNA Application Requirements

    There are a lot of programs where you’d be competitive. That’s a good GPA for an accelerated BSN. What’s your physiology grade? What area of the country are you looking? Applicants are applying to a greater number of programs now that many...
  15. Aspiring SRNA in Florida but worried about the GRE?? (Barry, UM)

    Do you have a physiology course? Statistics is often a prerequisite as well.