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  1. loveanesthesia

    National University 2022 start

    Cut what the admissions people tell you by half. That’s why I do for our program and it’s then pretty accurate. They count anyone who inquired and I don’t know what else.
  2. loveanesthesia

    Based on current experience, is it worth reapplying?

    Anesthesia classes are not in the same category as MSN classes. Take a physiology class to get into the swing of studying a science. If you get a job in an ICU you can make connections.
  3. loveanesthesia

    Advice on applications?

    Don’t pay anyone to review your transcripts. Contact programs and go to open houses put on by programs. They’ll tell you what they’re looking for. I think your experience is fine and you’re ready to apply.
  4. loveanesthesia

    Strengthen CRNA school chances.

    That’s a good score, look for programs that include the GRE in the application. If you’re flexible on geographic location, you’ll find a program. Be prepared to study harder than you ever have before. Your grades show that you may be one of those students comfortable with doing ‘just enough to get by’. That’s going to get you in trouble in an anesthesia program. Getting in is step 1, staying in is the ultimate goal.
  5. loveanesthesia

    Should I bother applying into CRNA school?

    Avoid schools using the CAS. Find schools that use the GRE-a 302 is a good score. Take the chem and earn an A. Another year ICU. Keep applying.
  6. loveanesthesia

    Strengthen CRNA school chances.

    Take the GRE and score well.
  7. loveanesthesia

    Various Calculations of GPA. Which is it??

    Your grades won’t prevent you from being accepted. Science grades are weighed more heavily and overall you’re over 3.0. So that will serve you well.
  8. Like you I took in the 80's. My nursing program used Miller's Analogies for admission, which I did well on. But most of the nursing graduate students did not do the GRE because it wasn't required. Got a great scholarship.

  9. loveanesthesia

    Chances of getting into CRNA School

    Taking 6 or 7 courses seems excessive. Talk to 2 or 3 programs and get their recommendations. Spend your time getting great clinical experience and save some money.
  10. DNAP programs accept degrees other than a BSN. You will probably have to take some science courses in addition to the ADN.
  11. This is the next phase of the social media highjack. Someone who sounds more reasonable, and not overtly offensive, posts supporting the OP. Makes it seem like a reasonable discussion of 'is the earth flat? we have to consider all opinions'. The keys to this particular post "medical profession, whom the nation touts as heroes" "Their non-compliance may (or may not) endanger the health of others." FACTS -the earth is not flat -the medical profession is the most knowledgeable about health -non-compliance with mask wearing does endanger the health of others
  12. I agree 100%. I’ve seen this in some anesthesia social media. People appear and post politicized talking points and try to create hostility. I wonder if it’s an organized effort or random people with too much time and no friends.
  13. loveanesthesia

    Union University

    They are out of compliance with the COA- the accreditation standards state programs must not discriminate. The standards specifically list sexual orientation as a characteristic that cannot be discriminated against. I’m amazed at their lack of awareness.
  14. loveanesthesia

    Thoughts on CRNA school rankings: UPenn vs VCU

    The most important factor in becoming a great CRNA is the individual student. A highly motivated student can overcome a lot. Those schools are good didactically and with simulation. Not twice as good as other schools, but they are solid. It’s the clinical experience allowed for students where their weakness is. And they don’t have to improve because they’re the Ivy League.
  15. loveanesthesia

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    Nursing students shouldn't make a difference in the spread, because you should be appropriately protected. I think the accreditors are allowing more simulation hours, but you will need some hospital based clinical hours. I would discuss with your program. Do you know for sure they will hold your spot? not all nursing programs will, so I wouldn't assume that unless you have it in writing.
  16. loveanesthesia

    Should I start nursing school this May?

    Hospitals do not want to interrupt new nurses from graduating down the line. But it depends on the area of the country. New York is going to take awhile, other areas will be opening up sooner.